I want to help empower women to put themselves first, strengthen their authentic identity and break-free from endless failed 'dieting' fads, and all the psychological entanglements that involves. To not hesitate. To live confidently with inner-honesty, solid self-esteem and a healthy relationship with self, others and the world around them. Samantha Dee Coaching 

Let's chat about dieting, confidence, self-esteem, depression and anxiety.


Picture of Samantha DeeHello, am I Samantha Dee?

Yes, you read that right. My real name is – Samantha Diegutis. That’s not me being shady or fake, it’s just that ‘Dee’ is easier to type and remember than ‘Diegutis’. I’m five feet tall, hate mashed potato and peanut butter. I love making people laugh. I live in England with my two disgustingly cute cats and Gerard Butler still hasn’t called. Jimi Hendrix and Monty Python are my spirit animals. I like red hair and things that are purple. I’m also a Life Coach. I recently wrote a book, called ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ – about my personal experiences around dieting, self-esteem and fatness. What came out of that me got me thinking. I had two epiphanies, really. That I can’t be the only one who has had or is currently having these experiences and also, that I want to help men and women who are. What’s more, I’m still on a journey of sorts, so I’m right there with you. 

Why am I Different?

What I found though is that most ‘conventional’ coaches seem to adopt the same kind of ‘theme’ – and whilst I’m sure it suits most, that theme doesn’t gel with me.

Authenticity is my most treasured value. I didn’t want to give up any part of my personality to become a Life Coach.

Well, I have no ‘masks’. Whilst you might see the odd ‘fluffy’ inspirational message on my site and pages, they are ones I believe to have meaning. What you get with me is me. My experiences, my experience. I listen intently. You won’t see me solving all your problems, but I am an expert at guiding you to solve them yourself.

Because really, this is all that’s going to ‘stick’ isn’t it?

If any of this chimes a bell with you, then I’d love to chat to you. Book a “Coffee and Chat” using the appointment link, and we can both decide whether a coaching relationship would be fulfilling. I know I know, I said ‘shit’ earlier. I’ve been known to, on occasion. Love, love. 

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My free service: "A Coffee and Chat" enables us both to make an informed decision about working together. Always book this before any other service. 90 minute video call, using "Zoom" app.

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