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    Book Reviews: On My Big Fat Fat by Samantha Dee

    (On My Big Fat Fat) Dear Samantha, First off, I have to say how much I admire you right now. My Big Fat Fat is one of the best manuscripts I’ve ever read, and I’m a pretty big literary snob, so I hope you take those kudos to heart and wear the solid gold star (I RARELY award anyone) with pride until the goo rubs off the edges and it starts to curl. Then smooth the damn thing out and keep showcasing it because- Damn, girl you’ve got some writing chops! I also don’t usually include very detailed cover letters (other than a broad thumbs-up or down) with such a straight forward proofread, but the ‘My Big Fat Fat’ manuscript impacted me so much as a fellow writer, and someone who has struggled with weight loss and gain since my late teens, that I have to touch on its strengths because I genuinely feel like I just connected with a kindred spirit, and I think the majority of your readers will feel the same. You’re funny as hell. Your grasp of comedic writing is spot-on — that stood out to me immediately in the initial sample you sent and played a big part in my wanting to work with you. And that alone could launch and carry a wildly successful writing career for Samantha Dee! But what really makes this manuscript shine is how raw you are. You’re inspiringly straightforward and refreshingly honest. It’s such a relief! There is absolutely nothing “plastic” or superficial about your story and it’s truly compelling. You may have held something back, but ‘My Big Fat Fat’ certainly doesn’t read like you did. This is the book that overweight people—men and women—have been waiting for. Your introspection and insights on the emotion-driven reasons for over-eating, and how we process everything that comes afterward, is spot on. Sure, we all experience nuanced variations, but you literally pulled up alongside the very lonely, weight-loss deprived island we’re each sitting on driving a yacht, blew the horn, and yelled, “Hey! I know a better way, and it doesn’t involve fad diets or self-loathing.…