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Writing Books: Rinse and Repeat – A Day in the Life of…

A Day in the Life of…

So, well into work mode in 2018 aren’t we? Clever little tart. A typical day? Well, since you ask, it happens to be something on my mind. How to organize all this tomfoolery.

Rinse and Repeat - A Day in the Life of...

I’m in a weird twilight zone at the moment, where I’m waiting while my lovely Editor is still working on my first book. Feels like I’ve been waiting forever but I really haven’t.

When it comes back, I’ve got to work on the index and further reading while she’s doing the cover. Then I have to get the print on demand sorted, getting my ISBN and bar-code and then uploading it to Amazon. And then, I have to get my hair colored. It’s all connected, you know.

Largely on account of the Live event I’m doing for the book launch. Y’aint seeing these roots. Eesh. I also have a winter face, meaning my entire face is so dry it’s falling off. Really, I’ve slapped everything on this mug. I’ll just have to arrange some clever lighting.

I’ve started on the second book ‘My Big Fat…Commute’, which is at a ratty-ass stage of basic construct (which I giphy (2)do in MS Excel, don’t ask), but is a very necessary part of the process for this particular book. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. I’m still having ideas about the exact format of the book, mixing it with personal stories and ‘survival’ tips. Getting some encouraging feedback on it so far.

I also have ideas about book four floating around in my head and trying to get to the front of the line. This often causes me to go off on one of my tangents to look at pictures.


Inspiring aren’t they.

Can’t wait to start on this little gem.

I’ve also been dicking around with the title of book three. For the first three to be a series, you see, I think I have to keep the titles ‘My Big Fat…Something’. Well, I do, there’s no ‘think’ about it, but it’s a shame because I think ‘Knives in the Office’ is a KICK-ASS book title. So I’ve kind of incorporated it in the new title, though it may change again:

I’m also considering changing the order of the books, because one of them is fictional, that one might have to be last.

On top of that I’m marketing book one like a fiend.

On top of that, it’s job season for me, when recruitment agencies make my phone ring off the hook (about fourteen phone calls this week) which means I have to ‘switch heads’ when they call, and act all businessy (new word, I invented it). But you know, I’ve got to have some  money coming in while the books are getting finished – so there’s every chance I’ll be back in full-time work soon. So everything above will be done on the back seat. Well, it’s that or selling my house and living in my car. Then I’ve have to steal WiFi signals.

In between all that I’m ‘virtually’ pressing my nose up against the window at Cult Beauty, filling up a fictional basket with products I can only fictionally afford and hovering my mouse longingly over the ‘checkout’ button for half an hour. I literally leave the tab up all day. It’s not like I haven’t got enough beauty products to bury a rhino.

So, to summarize, as a new indie writer I’m trying to learn what I’m supposed to be focusing on and when. I think I  might have to write a year-plan or something, but then again, I think if I write for at least three hours in a day I’m doing it right.

Rinse and Repeat. For the rest of the year.

(secretly loving it, though πŸ™‚

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