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New Book Launch: It’s All Getting a Bit…Real!

New Book Launch
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New Book Launch in T-Minus 18 days and my first book is out!

Launch time! I’m still in a ‘can’t believe it’ mode because I’m that kind of gal. Until it runs up and bites me in the ass, I refuse to believe it!

I’m also trying not to lie in bed and think about things I didn’t write in book one. Like gall stones. I forgot gall stones. How could I forget that?!

I’ve also landed a full time job for the next six months which means that my writing books two, three, four and five (possibly six, but lets not get ahead of ourselves!) will have to get written in my spare time.

I’ve decided to dictate everything while I’m driving to work, then type it up on the weekends. And perhaps I’ll leave in the “Oh fer fooks sake!” and “Want some road, asshole!” interjections.

Anyways! Hello! how are you, you’re looking good. Nice butt. Thought you’d like to see the first draft of my cover! See you in a bit xoxox

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