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New Job, New Shoes, New Outlook?

Hello lovelies, it’s been a minute. Thanks the Gods for scheduled posts eh? It’s been a very exciting week for me, not least because I’m actually earning money now. So of course I had to buy shoes.


I was sensible not to wear these in my first week of work, as I new I’d be traipsing around being introduced to people and offices, and  so I really didn’t want to kill my feet in the first week, I’ve got six months to go! This is also the first time I bought BLUE jeans that have a zip, since that pair of Levi’s I bought in 1989.


Anyone who knows me would NOT recognize me in these pics, normally because I’m always wearing BLACK.

I love black, in my mind, it hides a multitude of sins, bulges and blobs and gives me a bit of confidence.

But I’m in a bright mood lately. I mean, I wrote a fricken’ book! I’m getting on with a second book! I have three more in mind after that! and I’m busting with pride about that. Writing is something I’ve always loved doing. I do it everywhere. I mean, even when buying clothes I’m writing reviews on them.

My first week at work has been a lot of introductions, training and reading stuff, but even then I found time to write (and meditate) at lunch time.

My new Boss is a woman, and I think her work ethic and enthusiasm is rubbing off on me (probably when she hugged me on my first day).

Driving to work is a treat, I’ve been streaming my drive to work on Facebook Live for family and friends and that really gives me a sense that I’m back in the world. I’ve been so isolated the last few months, what with being unemployed (and writing; loved that part) that now I’m feeling, well, all


So I hope you’re as pumped as I am for my book release. Honestly, my heart and soul went into it, and I think finishing it has something to do with the changes that are happening to me lately. Who knew?

Toodles darlings, luv ya xoxo

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