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What-O! Is it Friday Already?!

My week, in list form:

  1. Had no desk Mon thru Wednesday, so I sat in meeting rooms til I was kicked out. Felt like a hobo.
  2. Speaking of hobo, I went to work on Wednesday with my blouse inside-out. Labels flapping in the wind.
  3. While I was not working, I made my bed every day. Now I leave the carnage and get back into it.
  4. I ordered some testers of Penhaligons perfume (suppliers to the Queen, no less), ‘Orange Blossom’ and ‘Luna’. Hated both of them.
  5. I wore a different lipstick every day of the week this week, and now I can’t find any of them.morning-face
  6. Two nights this week I didn’t take my makeup off. I hateย doing that. And yet I do.
  7. Wednesdays is ‘lunch on us’ day at work, and there was a whole meeting room FULL of pizzas and sides. I ate an orange.
  8. I’ve finally run out of my Christian Dior Hydralife BB Cream which I bought well over a year ago. Highly recommend it.
  9. I’m so deep into my overdraft I’m getting mud in my nails.
  10. I’m gagging for a deep, hot….BATH.


In fact, if anyone wants me, I’m in the tub.

p.s. ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ is out now on Amazon, worldwide. Just sayin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Toodles lovelies!

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