Monday Meditation: Three Minutes

Fancy trying something? What’s three minutes? Who hasn’t got three minutes?

Not a race, not a competition, and you don’t need a gluten-free beanbag or burning sticks. Just sit down.

Three minutes of meditation from Deepak Chopra. What’s THREE minutes, right? p.s. “soft eyes” to me means not focusing on anything in particular, just find a spot, and don’t focus on it but stay there.


Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you practice, the better your brain will be at switching off the part that says ‘can’t, won’t, don’t, stupid, worthless, dingbat’.

The ‘present moment’ part of your brain and the ‘bitchy’ part of your brain can’t operate simultaneously.

#meditation #wellness #mindfulness #diet #self-esteem #body-image #just-Be #DeepakChopra

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