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My Week in List Form

As usual my luvlies, in no particular order:

1. I’ve contracted a severe case of drivers arm which I will have to even-out this weekend at some point.

2. I found yet another set of drawers (you’d think I live in a commune) full of tops and tee-shirts I forgot I had. As usual some brand new with the tickets in.

3. I also found my one and only pair of shorts and a boob tube.

giphy (6)


4.ย What was I thinking? with THESE boobs? pff. I’d needย more of an inner tube for a tyre.

5. In an effort to downsize STUFF that has been just parked in my life for too many years, tonight I ‘did’ the bathroom. I found seven cans/tubes/bottles of self-tan. I never use it. Honestly is there something wrong with my head? ‘course I kept the Estee Lauder one, ‘cos…you know. Designer.

6. As a result of said clear out, I’m also,right now, burning four out of nine scented tea lights which I never light when I have a bath. Really, Sam. Chuck it or use it.

7. Yes, reading the above I concur that I do actually need to get laid at some point.

8. Mask of the week this week is, well, another one I forgot I had – the Skyn Iceland Mask. It has two layers, and when you put the second one on – it fizzes. Leaves skin feeling cute. Their day cream is f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c for summer. It smells like the beach (well, Icelandic seaweed which I love, perversely) but it’s COLD when you put it on, it’s so refreshing. Find Skyn Iceland’s Skin Hangover Kit in your country and try it – oh and the eye stuff is dreamy.

Nailed it!

9. Strapping an ice-pack onto the front of your household fan with a hair-band is super-dangerous. And I do not recommend doing that. At all.

10. The song stuck in my head this week has been ‘Raining in my Heart’ – ‘The sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud, to spoil the view…but’

I know you finished that.

How was YOUR week?






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  • The Lockwood Echo

    LOVE the smell of seaweed. The only way you’re gonna sort out that driver’s arm is to treat yourself to an American left-hand drive car. I believe 60’s Mustangs work best ๐Ÿ˜‰

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