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My Week in List Form

As usual my luvlies, in no particular order:


1. I accepted a video conference call. Got all prepared, only to discover I’d RSVP’d to a meeting two days before. At least my hair’s ‘done’.

2. In an effort to use up the obscene amount of bath products collected over the last ten years, I’ve committed to using at least one thing up entirely per bath. Today it was two semi-tester-sized tubes of face wash and some Wild Mint and Sea Salt** bath salts. Face is now squeaky-clean and I smell like a salad.

3. Opened the veggie drawer in my fridge and almost fainted at a massive spider. Turned out to be a tomato ‘stalk’. Note to self: clean the damn fridge.

4. So no one mentioned that having a fridge full of eggs (for snacking occasionally) might make one a bit, how can we say it…. gassy?

5. I own a ‘vampire fangs’ ice cube tray. Filled it with cranberry juice this week. Yes, I am that childish.

6. Mask of the week this week is the Korean Jolee Papaya Peel FOOT mask. This is one of 37978466_10155368340666876_3202623521964425216_nthose that allegedly melts your feet off. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids consisting of Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic acids. The booties were pretty well put together, snip the top, chuck them on for 60 – 90 minutes. 



Have everything you need close-by, you can walk in them – first off I’m not sure they’re intended for actually walking so there’s a risk of slip-sliding. So, ya know, don’t go hiking or anything. Secondly, I didn’t want to split the bag and have foot acids spew out all over my wood floors. Rinse them off and wait five days. I’ll give you the SKINny on the result next week!

7. Update from last week, I forgot to attend my second “coaching” session to quit smoking this week, honestly thought it was the following day. Great start, Sam.

8. Spent an amazing day with my oldest friend down at the beach. Weather was spectacular, we sat at a beach-front cafe in the shade and put the world to rights. GREAT for the soul and I love her. Of course we flew by the department store cosmetics counter, for a ‘browse’…

9. I still can’t wear white without chucking something down it (or getting out of my car in a parking lot and sliding along a dusty car).

10. Quote of the week from my Master Practitioner in Mindfulness course:

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn


How was YOUR week?

** Note to self: do not use old bath salts/foam. Cheap perfume…BAD BAD BAD. ‘Now where did I leave that tube of..’

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