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Breast Pumps and Weird Dreams – My Week in List Form

My Big Fat Blog: As usual my luvlies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1. So proud of myself this week, I finally decided on a Company name (don’t worry, I’m still writing books). Medella Coaching (Medella – the Latin word for ‘healing’). Set up the web site, started twiddling with it. Before I bought the domain, I googled the word looking for logo ideas and found a page full of breast pumps.

Honestly, it only happens to me. Luckily, the breast pumps empire is called “Medela” and not “Medella”. I’m still debating whether to change it though. Boobs. They’re everywhere. Breast pumps; who’d have thought.

2. Spiders are definitely getting bigger. I vacuumed one up the other day. NO regrets! This one was in my bathroom checking himself out in my vanity mirror. I mean, the cheek! Had visions of the movie ‘Final Destination’; if ever there was a time, that was it.

3. So, you know, I can’t ever empty the vacuum now. 

4. Since I’ve done it twice in a year, I still get those ‘Oh GOD have I left the bath running’ thoughts. It’s like jumping out of bed on a weekend thinking its a workday.

Breast Pumps and Weird Dreams - My Week in List Form5. Mask of the week: still getting through the Korean fridge masks. I’ve been through many ‘flavors’ including ‘milk’, ‘rose’, ‘red wine’ and ‘melon’. I feel like a fruit cake.

6. My two cats have not had a (cat)fight this week. Hallelujah. The sheer chaos that ensues when I have to deal with one cat at a time instead of ‘in sync’… you just don’t know.

7. Last thing I dreamed before waking up the other day; voiced in the style of Wayne’s World: “You, the bee master. Me, the value in front of the bees.” Nope, I don’t know either.

8. Dexter sneezed while he slept on my lap the other evening. Scared the living shit outta me.

9. It’s the time of year to bring in the fire wood. And by that I mean call a relative to come do it, because the gargantuan spider in my wood pile last year was actually an Alien face-hugger. Nope.

Quote of the week:

β€œWe will never change until we do something different.”


How was YOUR week?

Breast pump
electrical devices powered by batteries or electricity from the grid. Breast pumps, like lactation rooms, are most common in the United States.[citation

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  • acomediansguidetoenlightenment

    As always your list has me giggling! But instead of cracking jokes about how much I, too, hate spiders… I want to say thank you for that final quote. “We will never change until we do something different.” Due to some current life situations it was something I really needed to hear, er, read.
    Also, next time your cats start to fight, try to divert their attentions to the real enemy. Spiders.

    • SamanthaDee

      Aww thanks lovely! so sweet! pointing out something to a cat is like tapping your head and rubbing your belly at the same time…they just stare at your hand! Sometimes these nifty little agile mouse-murderers are so dumb!

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