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One Year ‘Blogiversary’ – Blogging Tips and Tricks

One Year 'Blogiversary' - Blogging Tips and Tricks

Blogging Tips & Tricks…

I know right? TWO posts in one day. Make the most of it!, it ain’t gonna happen too often!

So it is customary at this type of event that I recount 365 days of blogging, and include some blogging tips and grasshopper’ish advice to those starting out or, you know, anyone willing to carry on reading. Hey ho then, here we go with the blogging tips!:

  1. My eternal gratitude to WordPress for having a sharing feature. It means I can write once and post everywhere. Good show old chaps.
  2. Although I WISH you’d leave the ‘allow comments’ radio button CHECKED by default.
  3. I started this site to market a book I’d written. Now I realise that having like-minded clever, funny people (who write themselves) take time out of their day to read MY stuff, is truly humbling. I want more of that.
  4. With that in mind, a shout-out to Damn, Girl, The Lockwood Echo, Tom Being Tom, JulieHCares, A Comedians Guide to Enlightenment, LiberalLinda for their phenomenal writing skills and posts which I just love.
  5. Pick a day and post that day. Don’t over commit. If you promise to write three posts a day, you’re gonna be staring at the ceiling a LOT.
  6. Taking a couple of hours a week to read other people’s blogs and connect with them. It’s hugely rewarding.
  7. Don’t follow-for-follow. I’d rather have eight followers who like what I put out than three-hundred who don’t read it.
  8. I love writing, I love words, I love language and I love laughing. So I try and express that. Always stay authentic and write what you yourself wouldn’t mind reading.
  9. Anyone who tells you that social media marketing is easy is pulling your chain. It’s harder than the last hard thing on planet hard. Don’t ask them for blogging advice.
  10. Figure out how the “Customise this message” and “Excerpt” boxes work, and use them. (I’m still workingΒ  on that).
  11. Don’t be ashamed to want to make a few PENNIES off your blog, as long as you follow #8
  12. THANK YOU spellcheck, I nearly left that as PENIES – is that plural of PENIS? hmm..
  13. I wish WordPress would recogniSe I’ve set the site language to ‘English UK’ and stop asking me to put z’s where I’ve put s’s.
  14. I’m continuing to fizz with enthusiasm when I see so many people who write so beautifully.

See you next Friday!

Author, Writer, Editor, Coach, Mother of Cats.


  • The Lockwood Echo

    Super advice. Especially Numero 4 πŸ˜‰.
    Will go visit the couple I don’t know and am SWOONING to be included next to the ones I do know.
    Wholeheartedly concur with 7 & 8. Don’t fake it, any of it. As long as you love what you do, law of averages means someone else will too. Happy Bloggy Birthday 😊.

  • Tom Being Tom

    I’ve been at this for two and a half years and I consider myself a terrible blogger. I appreciate my writing skills, and enjoy the heck out of doing it, but I have no “focus,” “discipline,” or “way.” So I’ve never given, but quite often try to follow, advice.

    So, in that vein, some responses that might be questions:

    On #5: I have an internal clock. I know when it feels “too soon” to post, no matter how eager I am to do another one, and I know when “it’s been too long” and I need to post something whether I feel like it or not. To me, 3 days is “soon enough” and 8 days is “too long since.” So I try to post every 3-7 days. Should I be more exact?

    On #6: Best advice I’ve ever taken. So rewarding!

    On #7: I wish you would have told me sooner. πŸ˜‰

    On #10: Huh?

    On #11: Should I? I’ve always resisted that.

    On #12: LMAO!! 🀣🀣🀣

    And, finally, congratulations on your anniversary! Keep writing, I’ll keep reading, and we’ll soon take over the whole damn world together! Muahahahahaha … cough cough … ahahahahaha!

    (P.S. Thank you for #4!)

    • SamanthaDee

      #5 Tom if you readers are used to that and it feels good to you, I’d say stick with that.
      #11 sure if you feel okay with it, I don’t mean make posts that say “buy this!” just do you, bud. If it feels false to you then it’ll come over as false. (but I think you’re fab)

      Thanks darlin, toodle pip!

  • acomediansguidetoenlightenment

    First, congrats on your Blog-a-versary! Second, I am truly thankful and humbled to be included on your list. I’ve always loved reading your posts and appreciate your blog format, the lists have been ingenious, especially since I often have trouble staying focused 😜 so thank you for streamlining everything for me!

    Once again your list today is both thought provoking and humorous. I’ve long ago stopped Writing my blog in hopes of follows. If you like what I do awesome, if not that’s ok too! I have my handful of go tos but thank you for inspiring me to seek out even more. I’m definitely going to check out the rest on your list, most I know, but I’m excited to discover some new gems!

    And if I ever see you type you want to make more penises, I promise to never judge. 😜😘

    • SamanthaDee

      Thanks lovely! And I can guarantee you, if I ever have an over abundance of penies, I’ll chuck a few over the fence πŸ˜€ xxx

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