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Zits and Wonky Eyebrows – My Week in List Form

My Big Fat Blog: As usual my luvlies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

  1. Has anyone seen a horror movie where there are people on a merry-go-round and something goes wrong and it speeds up and starts flinging people off? That seems to be how my weeks are going at the moment.
  2. Wow, I got up late this morning, my cats almost started to gnaw on my bingo wings.
  3. So, this week I completed Advanced Life Coaching at the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. 100+ lectures and such. Thinking of either Neuro-Linguistic Programming or Hynotherapy next. What do you think? Oh wait, I already know what you are thinking ~evil laugh.
  4. For my book I’m building a repertoire of beginners recipes and practicing them, like a trainwreck. This week I almost chopped a finger off at the first knuckle, almost set fire to some chocolate chips and clogged up my blender blades with dates.
  5. This week I’ve had teenager breakouts like crazy nuts. I know it’s my body recovering from all the crap I’ve been putting into it for twenty years or more, but COME ON! The main reason I was looking forward to getting old was not to have teenage breakouts. My inner goddess is freaking ou- oops, sorry. Bit of hippie fell out there.
  6. The two terrors had a vets visit this week. The girl cat just resigned to trust me and took the trip in her stride. Dexter decided that being in the back of a landrover was Armageddon. He’s SUCH a wuss. Anyway, Willow popped off the vets table and tried to find somewhere to hide. Ever noticed when cats get scared they get REALLY low to the ground. That got me thinking, what do Munchkin cats look like when they do that? (Useless ponderings, no.7473).
  7. Still haven’t heard about the interview I attended last week. I feel like I’m in some kind of weird Twilight Zone. The better I think the interview went, the worse the outcome. Perhaps the Universe is telling me something.
  8. I did a cookery video yesterday with a wonky eyebrow and lipstick that looked like it was applied while drunk and in a wind tunnel.
  9. Why does coffee make you poop faster than lightning?

Quote of the week:

โ€œPositivity is not about being happy-clappy all the time. It’s about knowing there are better days to come.โ€


How was YOUR week?

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