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Yachts and Mango Butter – My Week In List Form

My Big Fat Blog: As usual my luvlies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

Yachts and Mango Butter - My Week In List Form

Ello my lovelies! Bit late this week but I know you’ll forgive me. Mince pie?

  1. Started a new contract again this week. When, God, oh WHEN am I ever going to learn NOT to wear heels on a first day. Walking like Quasimodo.
  2. My office is like three feet from the ocean where I can see yachts. This satisfies me spiritually. That and I can watch Sunseeker super-yachts being finished. Note to self: find a yachts thief. Agree to go halves, as long as I can have the Chippendales on the sun-deck.
  3. Batch cook stew to take to work for lunch. Make overnight oats for breakfast. Have one spoonful then forget to finish breakfast. Forget to take stew to work. Get home, this morning’s oats for dinner. Come on, old girl, get in sync.
  4. So, me being a Mindfulness expert and all, you’d think I could focus on what I was doing. I jump in my car on Wednesday while chatting to a colleague. Start driving and after twenty minutes realize I’m driving to London where I used to work, instead of sixty miles in the other direction. Bridget Jones got NOTHIN’ compared to me, honestly.
  5. On the education front, I finished Cognitive Behavioural Therary qualification (like a foundation course) and am gearing up for the Master Practitioner. I can now call myself ‘multi-disciplined’ – ooooh errrrr Missus, there’s posh.
  6. Mask of the week this week is a Clarins freebie I got with a purchase. Called “Nourishing Balm Mask with Wild Mango Butter” – I didn’t know butter grew in the wild…anyway with the weather on the change and all, my skin turns into dried-up dragonscale (it’s a red dragon). This mask is instantly calming on my face and super-thick. It says to wash off with a soft cloth after fifteen minutes. But honestly, leave it on all day. 

7. My cats, Dexter and Willow, have been suitably disgusted that I had started back to work full-time. I have spent the last sixteen hours bowing and scraping, grooming and feeding and they are still not impressed. They should come around by Monday, when I go back to work.

The Thirty Day Wellness Journal

8. I am still running my ‘self-care for beginners’ challenge, right up until the end of the year, in conjunction with the release of my Wellness Journal on Amazon. It’s going spiffingly (my new word, you’re welcome) and I really hope some of you are participating. I really can’t stress (heh, get it) enough how important it is, especially at this time of year.

9. Tune I can’t get out of my head #982 is ‘Reproduction’ from that galactically crap movie, ‘Grease 2’. No, I have no clue either.

10. Quote of the week:

Quote of the week:

“Just be happy. It drives people crazy.”


How was YOUR week?

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