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My Big Fat Blog: What-O Old Chap, Another New Year, Another…?

Happy New Year!

So, we’re two days into the New Year and I’ve been up all night snorting and sniveling snot balls, thanks to my Sister’s Fiance who shared his Man-Flu to the women-folk. Thanks, Stu.

So being that I only have the energy to wiggle my fingers, I thought I’d wiggle them on the keyboard in front of a blazing fire while slurping on industrial strength coffee that would give a rhino the shakes.

Happy New Year! Vintage movie clip of woman eating chocolates from a fast moving production line.

I spent New Year in a reflective, quiet mood. Its still sinking in; how much I achieved in 2018 – and we should all be loud and proud to pat ourselves on the back for this.

Particularly, reflecting on Feb ’18, when my book landed on my door mat, just can’t begin to measure how proud I was (I cried like a baby!). So of course I can’t wait for book two to land – of course I have to finish it first!

Every day for the last six months I wake up and say two things, ‘I am okay’ and ‘What can I do better today?’ – I know right, sounds a bit hippy, but it really works. What seems to follow is that when I set my mind to a day, I aim to complete one thing at least, like I’m building a staircase. This morning, despite how shitty I feel, I’ve started a thirty day yoga course. Day one, check.

As I mentioned in 2017, I don’t do Resolutions; I don’t place much authenticity in them at all. I think we set ourselves up to fail, frankly. Instead, I make each day one where I can achieve something. For instance, over Christmas and New Year I’ve:

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