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Yogurt and Gerard Butler – My Week in List Form

My Big Fat Blog: As usual my luvlies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1. A few thousand words into my second book, ‘My Big Fat…Kitchen’ – here’s a teeeeny tiny excerpt:

Fear has come from the Diet and Food Industry. With the exception of very few (even Jamie Oliver scares me), we are shown that oats rolled on the thighs of vestal virgins from the outer Mongolian floating mountains should be readily available in our cupboards. And if it isn’t, we tend to say, ‘bugger it’ and make a bowl of cereal and watch Strictly on telly. Who needs that crap, right?

Samantha Dee, My Big Fat Kitchen

2. When I’m at home I generally choose clothing based on whether I’d answer the door in it. With this weeks sub-zero temperatures this week that choice has changed to ‘how many layers of clothing would prevent the cats from eating me when I die of cold’ (I’m a staunch resister when it comes to putting on heating).

3. Of course, then I spend the entire night pulling and kicking off the clothes when I should be sleeping.

4. I can’t find any of my Jimi Hendrix CDs. I think the sock fairy has promoted himself. Give them back, you stinky little imp!

5. My cats are utter weirdos. In summer, one of them wants to stay out all day in the sun, and the other won’t budge from attaching itself to my hip for the entire day. In winter it’s reversed. Not sure how to feel about that – except me and ‘the boy cat’ have developed our relationship. I’m no longer sure he’s going to murder me in my sleep. Which is always good, isn’t it?

Yogurt and Gerard Butler - My Week in List Form

6. Last night for a lazy dessert I had coconut yogurt with a drizzle of maple syrup. It was epic. Not least because it took me under five seconds to make. I didn’t realise how much I’d love coconut yogurt. Or any yogurt in fact. Who knew?

< p.s. no. No it did NOT look this good.

7. Did you know, that I can now make my own chocolate? Why yes, I can. Cocoa powder, coconut oil and maple syrup. I know, you’re jealous; I see you drooling.

8. I shamelessly messaged Gerard Butler on Twitter the other day and asked for a shout-out. Oh GODS, am I becoming THAT person? Please, send me a cup of poison if I start talking about him more than once a year. Shake it off, Sam. Shake it off!

9. I haven’t been ‘masking’ this week at all as I just haven’t had time, my calendar on google looks like a Picasso. Picasso after having drunk an entire bottle of Stoli. Considering I’m such an advocate of self-care-slash-wellbeing-slash-mindfulness, I’ve been a complete slob this week. But I’m still making my bed every morning so, ya know, little things!

10. I also have to admit that I ran out of firewood this week, so burned most of my recycling which had built-up over Christmas. There’s something very comforting about watching an empty box of Rice Krispies burn. Is it just me? Yes. Yes Sam, you’re a loon.

How was YOUR week?

Yogurt (/ˈjoʊɡərt/ or /ˈjɒɡərt/; from Turkish: yoğurt), also spelled yoghurt, yogourt or yoghourt, is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk

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