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Sunlight & Socks – My Week in List Form

My Big Fat Blog: As usual my luvlies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1. Ridiculous song stuck in my head #234 ‘‘The Benny Hill’ theme….You’re welcome.

2. This weeks topic on the ‘Ditch the Diet’ panel I speak on was “Mental Strength” – although my inner dialog was my ‘crazy bush-woman’ hair. You decide…

3. Somehow the planets aligned and I managed to get an interview for a job TEN MINUTES walk away from my house. I mean, I’ve never been able to do that. Not since primary school! I wonder if I’ll be able to grab an errant shopping cart and give someone a ride in it. I mean, that’s what we-. Oh, yeah, Come one Sam, I’m nearly FIFTY.

Author Blog: Sunlight & Socks - My Week in List Form

4. It’s now thirty three days until the first day of spring. I’ve just about switched off my heating and even put away most of the arctic-expedition socks I’ve been sporting. I’ve kept one pair as I’ve discovered I can polish my floors by ‘socks-skiing’ around the house. #LifeGoals

5. My sleep pattern has been a bit buggered this week. Which basically means that I’ve been waking up at 2am and by 3.30am I’m doing something utterly ridiculous, like making graphics. Ever get days like that?

6. Again no ‘mask of the week’ this week. I should though because my skin is as dry as a dragon that inner-burped and roasted himself from the inside out. But you know, I remain optimistic. I’ts just a spring-shedding. You know, like a grizzly bear does.

8. Speaking of spring, it’s my absolute mission this year to get a great lawn chair and ACTUALLY FALL ASLEEP in my garden. I’m doing it this year. Mark my words. I’m putting the chair right over th-…’oh now that plant needs a haircut.’

9. So I may have a new job, a new face of skin, and a new lawn chair pretty soon. I’d say that’s a decent week, wouldn’t you?

Quote of the week:

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

George Carlin

How was YOUR week?

typically worn over socks. In ancient times, socks were made from leather or matted animal hair. In the late 16th century, machine-knit socks were first produced

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  • Tom Being Tom

    I now see you in a Risky Business moment while hearing the Benny Hill song. Good show.

    The last few weeks I’ve had SEVERAL similar mornings. 2:30. Wide awake. Not dreading but anticipating the things I want to do today too early. I have this thing where if that’s still happening at 4 (90 minutes of toss and turn) then I get up, let the dogs out, feed them, then curl onto the couch with the youngest one and go back to sleep. Generally, that works (don’t ask me why). The unfortunate thing about that is I wake up 90 minutes later MORE TIRED than I was at 2:30 am.

    No one said 50 would be easy. 😉

    Sounds like a good week, Sammy, keep it going through the weekend. Que the theme!

    • SamanthaDee

      Yeah, my recent episodes were because I went up early, and kinda forgot that I only need five hours sleep at the moment. Don’t know how I’m surviving on that but you know, I just do what my body tells me to do! 😀 Good ta see ya bud xx

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