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Writer’s Block Wednesday

Advice on Writing – Welcome to Writers Block Wednesday!

Writer's Block Wednesday - Seshat, the Ancient Goddess of Writing.
“…solutions for Light, Medium and #HeadDesk Levels of Writers Block,”

It’s okay, come on, get your head off your desk – we can do this!

I have two books on the go. Depending on my mood and inspiration, I’ll do a couple thousand words on either one, daily. But as all writers and authors know, some days the fingers won’t type or the pen never makes contact. I tried to do some research on writers block a while ago and didn’t find an awful lot. So ya know, thought I’d write something on it. Any advice on writing is great, right?

This Week’s Solution: Exercise

I know this will make some people gag a little, however in my late forties I’m beginning to like exercise again after coming out of the ‘trend-drudgery-abject-hatred’ circle of exercise that is common with a lot of people I know.

Last week as you’ve read, I spent a week away in Somerset, England. Every morning we’d walk about a mile on the beach in the most leisurely way possible. I even had a staff made out of driftwood (I’m a hippie at heart) to help along one side of my hip that’s also decided to take a vacation.

I didn’t write at all that week and came back calmer and refreshed each day, and after the week.

The word exercise conjures up feelings of fear and dread to me. So I just now refer to it as moving.

Where I live currently there isn’t a beach, and so I have to get creative about moving. When I’m writing I often find myself stopping to do something else. Whether that’s walking to the store, gardening, mopping floors or dancing around my house (and terrifying my cats). It’s all moving.

I think it’s also important to be intuitive about these things. If your routine is to write 3000 words in the morning, you’ll know when the block hits. Stop and do something else. If you don’t return to (start or) finish your 3000, forget it. We all know you can’t force it!

If it can be solved, why worry? If it can’t, why worry?

(Probably) Buddha

If the writer’s block happens too frequently, it might be worth changing your routine altogether (which I’ll cover at some point).

What’s Your Favorite Writers Block Remedy?

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  • The Lockwood Echo

    I’m thinking of doing the National Writing Day exercise. It sounds interesting. I’ve been following the event for a while so it seems possibly regretful to not get involved! And I’ve never done free-writing before, only ever sit to write once a muse has visited. Good advice here. Heading over to Cheddar & Tantrums now ;).

    • SamanthaDee

      Yes I noticed NationalWritersDay on Twitter today, I might mosey on over and see what’s what 🙂 free-writing sounds fun! xx

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