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Five Reasons to Live by the Sea (and Write Books)

Song stuck in my head #3762: ‘Do you like Pina Colada’s…’ You’re welcome.

So, five reasons to live by the sea and write books:

1. No mortgage

Well who doesn’t want no mortgage, right? I’ve had one for so long I can’t remember life without it. It feels like the prison thing – if you’re in there too long and they open the door. Imagine having that constant humming baseline of stress removed. Just wake up and write things. Bliss.

2. Sea air

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a sucker for the sea – rain or shine, hurricanes or snow. Somehow it’s in my blood. When I used to live by the sea I’d walk down there on my own (angsty-teenager-style) and practice some primal screaming. When you’re fourteen, everything’s not fair.

Five Reasons to Live by the Sea and Write Books | Samantha Dee
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I used to work in a Butlins-style vacation ‘park’ and in my lunch break I’d swim in the sea or sit down there and write books (or, at the time I thought they were books). All made possible by showing up at work wearing a swimming costume underneath my cafeteria uniform. I did it during a thunderstorm once and I think that was just about the best thing I’ve ever done.

To this day I’ve never told anyone about how I’d go back to the second half of my shift butt naked under my cafeteria dress. Which was fastened, collar-to-hem with poppers. What? you never did that? Well get to it! (you probably need to live by the sea, to do that though).

3. Sunsets

Who isn’t a sucker for sunsets like a Bob Ross painting? Sunsets by the sea though? It’s almost as if you get the tiniest fragment of an idea that the planet is vast, and turning. And we’re part of something very special. Wait, I can feel myself going a bit ‘Gothic’. Shake it out, girl, shake it out. Good inspiration though if I’m going down there to write books. Or even finish the ones I’m writing, without distraction.

4. [Insert activity here] on the Beach

Reminds you of a dating profile, right? When I lived near the sea in my teens, everything was about the beach. I remember every Sunday we’d gather up a few friends, a stereo (yes, I am that old) and some towels and we’d be there at 8 a.m. Spend the entire day there chatting, sleeping, swimming. Then on the way home we’d get Chinese food, put on an old black and white movie and fall asleep.

I had a massive crush on someone who was eight or so years older than me. Troy his name was, we had so much fun on and around the beach ~(wink). I remember he used to smell of sea salt and celery (on account of him living on a celery farm). Used to drive me wild. Yeah, celery. What ya gonna do.

These days I’d just enjoy walking, I don’t have the hips for anything else.

5. Human Connection

There’s something about the community who live by the sea. People who are far away from the rat race of commuting, stress, bills, routine and general misery. People are different. More likely to stop and chat, or have a beer round a campfire of driftwood.

What else?

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Quote of the week:

β€œMay the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.”

George Carlin

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  • Jules

    Well you sold it to me !!!!!! I love the sea too , I think being near it has healing powers. Love how you articulate it and thanks for sharing !!!!!

    • liberallin

      As usual, your keen observation and wit make for some enjoyable reading. I too love the Water…be it a lake, an ocean, a river…don’t have the Sea here… or even my bathtub. Guess its a primal, back to your roots thing. And while I can’t admit to having any of your experiences…working in wet bathing suit under clothes…celery do agree living by the water is my Writer’s dream. Thank you for Always getting my week off to a good start and letting me see the possibilities that Good Writing can bring!

      • SamanthaDee

        Hey lady, thankyou x I have a bathtub. I fill it with salt and pretend to be Daryl Hannah LOL!

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