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Spiders (again) and Broomsticks: My Week in List Form

My Big Fat Blog: As usual my luvlies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1- Again with the Spiders! Walking up the stairs, barefooted, the other day and was met with a spider so big, we made eye contact. I knew it would run up my trouser leg if I attempted to step over it, so I calmly walked back down the stairs, picked up the nearest weapon, walked back up and murdered it. Sorry not sorry. That thing was heading for my bedroom. And you wonder why I’m a Spinster.

2- Stupid song stuck in my head #9273 ‘Feeling hot hot hot’ – you’re welcome.

3- I watch cartoons in bed before I go to sleep (adult, much? well, no actually). I have a pair of specs that aren’t Chanel or Prada to read in bed, just so I don’t break them into a million pieces by rolling over on them. This week I woke up having slept on said glasses and had an imprint of them on my arm. So I promptly drew a face. I did mention I don’t adult much, right?

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4- As you’ll all have heard by now, I’ve announced my second book’s release date: November 29th. I’ve already done a couple interviews (see previous video interview where you get to hear me fluffing about food). There are pre-order links in my Link Tree.

5- I whipped out my yoga mat this week to start up doing that again in the mornings. Until I actually realised that my left knee hurts more than the heat of a thousand suns when pressure applied to it. Yoga mat back in the closet. This is how my week goes, usually.

6-Had another eureka moment at 3am the other day. When you’re a writer you kind of wake up with these ideas that don’t let you fall asleep again until you’re written them down. A friend suggested a voice recorder, which is a stellar idea. So, these are my 3am-still-asleep-scribbles:

‘imps hide by p’, ‘made shia lebouef into a twat’, ‘ends up in mental institution’

(and from most of this I had written two thousand words by 6am)

7- I’m loving the ‘dragged-through-a-bush-backwards’ hair look at the moment. The way I do it is basically to wash hair and then sleep on it til morning. Wake up, shake it out. I went to a pharmacy the other day to pick up a prescription, and everyone gave me a wide berth. And I wonder why?

8- As I have a couple of months til the book release, I’m basically re-trying all the recipes in it – yesterday I made coconut curry soup recipe and it was delish. I still marvel that I can make anything remotely edible.

9- This weekend I’m off to meet up with a couple of friends I haven’t seen in a while. Sit around, shoot the shit, put the world to rights etc. Looking forward to it immensely.

10- Quote of the week:

If you wake up, and all you can think about is writing, then you’re a writer.

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