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Quitting the Rat Race

More on Retiring, to Live by the Sea (and Write Books)

Ello loves, long time no see.

You might have read my blog post a while ago, ‘Five reasons to live by the sea and write books:’

Well, it’s a real thing

It’s something I’ve been procrastinating over for a year now and I want this to be the focus of my blog for the next year.

Sounds way glamorous, right?

Five Reasons to Live by the Sea and Write Books | Samantha Dee
Oh, the dream!

The truth is, I’m terrified. I’ll be stepping off the property-ladder forever. I’ll be selling e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g I’ve worked so hard on for the lat twenty years. There’s a possibility I might have to give up my two furballs, who are like kids to me.

Abject terror. Just yesterday I was chatting to a family member about it and burst into tears at the thought.

My current situation is not tenable. I haven’t worked since January. I haven’t been able to find employment in the industry I gave so much to for twenty years for reasons I can’t divulge (and that should say something).

I’ve been financially supported by my Family to the tune of ££ TOO MUCH, and being so fiercely independent, is a fact which weighs so heavily on me that it’s crushing my spirit.

Doesn’t sound at all like the ‘My Week in List Form’ gal does it?

So, here’s what I’ll be blogging about in 2020:

Giving Up the Rat Race to Live by the Sea (and write books)’

I’ll be selling every worldy thing I own, apart from an outfit or two, and some personal chattels that have meaning to me.

I’ll be severely rationing my finances. Maybe even excluding having my hair dyed red every six weeks.

I’ll be giving my house a lick of shine to sell it for the best price I can possibly get. Which will be somewhere in the region of Β£320,000.

I’ll be paying off my mortgage, selling my Mercedes (had my ‘fling’ in that department) and buying a vehicle with boot space and more than two seats.

I’ll be paying off credit cards and closing off everything I’ll never need again (like Legal Insurance).

I’ll be closing down my Company and firing my Accountants. I’ll be paying my final tax bills.

I’ll be looking for a place at least half of that value, which is on the British coast.

I’ll be deciding how much money I need to have to survive.

I’ll be finding out whether my two beautiful cats need a new home.

All the while overcoming terror, staying sane, well balanced, optimistic and calm for the duration.

Much love,


Author, Writer, Editor, Coach, Mother of Cats.


  • liberallin

    Have missed you. Life happens…to all of us. And sometimes it requires us to stop, look around and change directions. This year has been eye opening and traumatic for me as well…almost moved to Canada…until I found out Americans can only stay 6 months…still may consider it. ..what the hell…we’re only on this roller coaster once. Looking forward to your new adventure! You have Power in your Words!

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