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Did ya miss me? Did ya Did ya? – My Week in List Form (Cabin Fever Version)

Here’s a year-to-date catchup:

1- My house has been on the market since the end of January. So far it’s been too big to small, too fat too thin and not enough bathrooms. These coming from viewers who visit with the four-page brochure in hand.

2- Song stuck in my head this week ‘Baby Shark’ – thanks to Amazon who interval the kids TV with a rendition with changed lyrics ‘wash your hands do do dee do do do, wash your hands do do dee do do do, wash your hands do do dee do do do wash your hands.’ You’re welcome.

3- Dexter the local neighborhood mouse murderer has matured into a complete bastard. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally shut him in my bedroom, and so he tore up the carpet trying to dig his way out. So much so that when I actually deduced that he was in there, I couldn’t open the door because he’d lifted up at 8ftx6ft area of my bedroom carpet. Suffice to say we no longer have a love hate relationship.

4- Covid-19 is making me monstrously emotional whenever I leave the house now. While at the grocery store last week, the cashier and I were doing to ‘two-meter tango’ as I paid for my goods and my bottom lip started going. It’s very apocalyptic out there isn’t it?

5- On my plan to ‘live by the sea and write books’ I’m also selling everything in my house and with that comes the inevitable ‘fun’ on Facebook Marketplace. Example:

FB Person: Is this still available?

Me: Yes, best offer I’ve had is £250 so far.

FB Person: Will you take £200 ?

6- I had a significant haircut, involving clippers. It’s okay, I’m not having a Britney breakdown. Although it will go better with my apocalypse outfit than the old ‘newsreader hair’ as my ex used to call it.

7- In preparation for my ‘Quitting the Rat Race’ plan, I’ve got almost 10,000 students on Udemy now. After Udemy’s cut that enhances my income to about £10 a month. Looking into other things, like how to make a Meth lab.

8- Worst film on Netflix this week (which was #1 trending here in the UK): ‘Mark of the Devil’ – I must be getting old because I still have no clue about that plot. Its the kind of film you keep watching in the hope for the penny to drop, ‘Ohhhh, thats what’s going on,’ -sadly no. Didn’t happen.

9- From 4th to 6th April, the kindle version of my book is free.

Quote of the Week:

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

How was YOUR week?

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