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The Little Things – My Week in List Form (Cabin Fever Version)

When isolating, the little things speak the loudest,


1- Like this little packet of glee found in the back of my cupboard the other day, an ode to those days when money was really not much of an object. I don’t miss those days, but ya know, coffee this week was Whittards Hazelnut.

2- So now with the luxury of time and fair weather, I’ve been meditating daily. That’s not to say I’ve been sitting on a vegan beanbag burning avocado incense and snorting wheat grass. It just means I put five minutes or so aside every day to have a quiet moment. The nice thing is, I’ve been doing it Live, and a few people seem to like it. 8.30am GMT daily, if you’d like to tune in.

3- The guy who runs my local teeny tiny grocery store really doesn’t give two shits about covid. For the first couple of weeks he was wearing gloves and observing the 2 meter rule. These days he’s licking his fingers to count money and coughing on the card machine. Honestly, I want to poke his eye out with a meter stick.

4- This morning I open my front door to collect my milk and found this from one of the kids next door whom I’ve affectionately named ‘Pixie’. Made my day; cute eh?

5- More Facebook Marketplace fun this week. Observe:

Me: Plant support rods, about 20 – Β£2

FB Man: Are these still available?

Me: Yes they are, can we talk later I’ve got a bath on

FB Man: Ooh, can I come scrub your back?

6- I’m kind of gloating right now. For years I’ve bought kitchen roll & Dettox wipes in my grocery shop, whether I needed them or not, and Dettox spray for when the cat pukes on the stairs. My fridge now smells like a hospital. Who knew Dettox spray cleaned too? this is why I’m NOT a domestic goddess. More domestic cretin, if I’m honest.

7- I’m finding that the younger audiences on my Udemy courses leave awful reviews. I appreciate that everyone is angry and afraid right now, but if you enroll in a course that’s all about DOING things and then have less energy than a sloth to comprehend or complete it, I’m not entirely sure why that’s my fault.

8- Quarantine and self-isolation brings out some weird things in us doesn’t it. This week I’ve painted – in watercolor no less, and I’ve written a fricken limerick. I mean, on what plane of existence did that talent pop forth?

9- Who else is finding that overwhelming desire to sleep through all this? What’s more, not much else is expected of us right now. Isn’t it lovely?! Give me a big long lazy yawn. Yes that’s it. You are getting sleeeeepyyyy.

10 – Quote of the Week:

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”

Not Buddha

How was YOUR week?

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