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Venturing Outside – My Week in List Form (Cabin Fever Version)

As usual my lovelies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

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1- So, with the progression to defcon level ‘You may go outside’ (introverts of the world say ‘really?’) I decide to do a ‘proper shop’ or, as its more commonly known over here, ‘A big shop’ at one of the giant grocery stores. Get dressed, grab my reusable bags, go outside to the car, turn the key. And blfff. Nothing. Thanks Universe.

2- For the next three months I’m participating in a kind of experiment with a fellow coaching friend in which I’m kind of a lab rat/case study. “Achieve optimum weight with no diets, no measuring, no counting, no rules and no rigorous exercise regime.” A month in, and I am 8-lbs down. No intentions of getting so thin I turn sideways and disappear, but it’s still an interesting concept. Read more about it here.

3- So, back to the car breaking down. Here’s me expecting some monolithic repair bill that I can’t afford, only to have the recovery guy get the jumper cables out and start the car. Apparently that’s all he’s doing at the moment; starting cars that have been inactive due to lockdown. To say I was relieved might be the understatement of the Century.

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4- There’s definitely something else that shows up here at night to collect the headless corpses that my cats deliver me daily. I’m not sure what it is yet, but again, it saves me a job.

5- I also cried and blew snot bubbles a lot this week about the goings-on in the USA. I know LESS than nothing about American politics, I promise you. But isn’t there a thing in the Constitution that allows the citizens to rise up against a tyrannical government? I’d go look it up – because Trump’s next photo-op is setting light to it in the Rose Garden. Article 2 section 4, Amendment 1, Amendment 4, Amendment 5, Amendment 8, Amendment 14, ah shit, you get the gist. Stay strong, America. The world is watching.

Quote of the Week:

Water cuts through rock not because of its strength, but its persistence.


How was YOUR week?

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