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Three Year ‘Blogiversary’ – Blogging Tips and Tricks

Blogging Tips & Tricks…

So it is customary, at this time of year, that I recount 365 days of blogging, but I didn’t one last year, so it’s not really customary and now I’m writing about 730 days, so this might get weird and repetitive.

1 – Spend some time AWAY from your computer. Disconnect. Unplug. Pet something, knit something, talk to a plant in your garden, paint a wall. For the love of [insert God here], look up, regularly.

2 – Social media does…not…matter. It is THE single, most unimportant thing on the planet – and it needs to be put back in its place. I spent most of this year invisibilizing [new word, I invented it] myself – deleting pages, accounts, noise noise noise. It’s all a waste of energy. Don’t let it drag you down.

3 – A ‘Like’ here in WordPress, means they saw your title in the WP Reader, not that they read any of your stuff. Make peace with that. Again, it doesn’t matter.

4 – It’s far more likely that a ‘Follow’ means someone actually read your stuff.

5 – I’d rather have eight followers who read what I put out, than three-hundred who don’t. It’s a personal preference, mind you but think before you ‘follow for follow’, you dirty sellout.

6 – Don’t over commit. If you promise to write three posts a day, you’re gonna be staring at the ceiling a LOT.

7 – Review your stuff again and again and again before hitting publish. Readers will usually ‘get’ the odd typo though; they’re a very forgiving bunch.

 8 – Write for yourself, and not anyone else. I’ve given this one piece of advice before, but write what you would want to read.

Eight. Hmm. Bit weird, but there aren’t really any rules when it comes to lists, right? Anyhoo, thanks for sticking with me. Love ya, see you next year. Sammy Dee x

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