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Skateboards and Knitting – My Week in List Form (Cabin Fever Version)

As usual my lovelies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1- I woke up at midnight needing to pee, drifted off back to sleep and dreamt that I got up for a pee. I startled myself awake again and actually got up for a pee, before I peed in my sleep. Yep, folks, that’s how old I am.

2- Now that there’s two different types of covid and four different types of lockdown, it’s difficult to know whether I can visit a Llama farm via skateboard on public roads with a large gaggle of imaginary friends. So, as always, feckit, I’ll stay in.

3- It seems everyone is suffering from lockdown madness and running out of things to do. I’ve taken to painting the walls in my house, knitting and dancing around in my underwear. The decision to go outside now rests upon the whether I want to put on a bra or not. It’s usually not.

4- I did visit my Dad a few weeks ago, and found him cleaning the knobs on his cooker in the kitchen. He’s definitely not okay with this lockdown lark. Lucky for me though, he’s more or less run out of things to do and he’s taken to bringing me things, like ladders – so that I can finish painting my ceilings. Thanks, lockdown.

5- Yes, I said knitting. For some reason the urge grabbed me to buy a whole set of needles and a ball of yarn. I’m taking Christmas gift orders, as long as it’s scarves or drink coasters.

6- In the spirit of Halloween, I’ve been watching re-runs of ‘Most Haunted’ – a ghost investigation series that run for a ridiculous number of seasons. I love that old dross. ‘Shhh, you smell that?’

7- Just to trigger anyone that’s reading this, I’m stopping at seven. You’re welcome.

Quote of the Week:

β€œIf it’s the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?”


How was YOUR week?

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  • liberallin

    Samantha glad to see your blog in my email again…they are laugh worthy and much needed lightness in the time of Covid…p.s.I considered crocheting but bought a thousand piecebpuzzle instead…finally completed it 2 months later…I will take a coaster..thank you.

    • Samantha Dee

      Thanks gorgeous, yes I was saying the same thing to a family member the other day – I think we need a laugh or two. Horrible times :/ Thank you for enjoying my blog πŸ˜€ toodles! xx

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