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Brain Drain and Profit – My Week in List Form (FREEDOM Version)

As usual my lovelies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1- I’ve drained my brain this week learning about what it takes to be a profitable Author (not a poor one who’s having to sell her house). I’ve discovered that you also need a Masters Doctorate Pulitzer Nobel Degree in Marketing. Much aspirin has been needed. That said, a few of my books are beginning to show result and, more than that, profit.

2- It therefore follows that, by the time I’ve finished my first Urban Fantasy novel, I’ll have the Masters Doctorate Pulitzer Nobel Degree in Marketing and The Dragon Hatcher will hit the world by storm (positive thinking team Sam!)

3- So lockdown has been eased here which means that businesses are open and… and… people! We’re all having to start learning to human again, which includes wearing underwear and leaving the house. Episode 2 of the naked vole coming soon. The amount of times I’ve had to wear a bra this week is astonishing.

4- This time next week I’ll be sitting on the floor writing this. I’ll also be sleeping on the floor as I’m clearing out all the BIG furniture that I can’t take with me to the beach. Luckily I have plenty of floor cushions and I can sleep anywhere. Hey I can sleep on a packed train. Standing up.

5- I’m OUTSIDE today. Well, looking forward to the most important part of my life right now – GETTING MY HAIR RE-COLORED. Toodles, chaps and chapesses.

Quote of the Week:

‘And now I’ll do what’s best for me.’

John Green

How was YOUR week?

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