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Bubble Wrap and Lawnmowers – My Week in List Form

As usual my lovelies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1- I’ll be cutting my grass for the last time soon. I’m doing lots of things for the last time. A couple of months ago it was decorating (and I gave away all my decorating stuff), last month it was ‘dealing with estate agents’ and this month it’s lawnmowers. It feels EPIC. No more grass cutting or gardening, EVER. If I’m ever rich enough to buy a house again, I’m hiring a gardener.

2- In my classic ‘running at a brick wall’ style, I watched a sad movie last night. I know it was sad because I watched it once before and wailed and blew snot bubbles into my cat for an hour. Last night, my cats stayed out late for some reason.

3- A few thousand words this week on the books. Book one is due for a finish at the end of June. But then I’ve got to write the prequel short for it. I feel like I’m doing everything arse-about-face lately. Maybe I’ll just do prequel shorts for books two to five. That might make more sense. Thinking out loud here, and I’ve answered my own question. Hey, thanks for listening though.

4- The sunburn I self inflicted last week has evolved to my skin peeling off in sheets and when its not doing that, its flaking into my cornflakes. You’re welcome.

5- Right, I have to bubble wrap the cats and re-home the contents of my airing cupboard. Toodle pip, you gorgeous beast, you.

Quote of the Week:

A sunburn is very becoming, but only when it is even.’

Noel Coward

How was YOUR week?

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