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Floor-Sleeping and ‘Odds’n’Sods’ – My Week in List Form

As usual my lovelies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1- So, my house is now just about empty, save for a few coats, an artificial orchid and a wood axe. I’ve a few other odds and sods to donate/chuck/pack. I’ll get there.

2- Spent the day vacuuming and flea-bombing the first floor and making sure there are no ‘things’ in any nooks or crannies – I have a habit of removing earrings in my sleep and throwing them across the floor. Things you didn’t know about me #82625.

3- I was embarrassed and a little humbled by a small closet up in my garden ‘shed’. I had thought there was a couple of boxes in there to go through (which I hadn’t unpacked since I moved here eight years ago). Turns out, there were nine. Cookbooks, decorating tools, household appliances, brand new pots of paint, an entire home gym (with boxing gloves and an inflatable boxing dummy). I remember him. I called him ‘the gimp’.

4- How to sleep on the floor, 1-0-1: Fold a large super-king size duvet in half, lengthways. If you have a second, do same and put it on top. If you are a demented pillow collector, like me, place two pillows at top and one at each side if you’re a hyperactive rolling side-sleeper. Lastly, place another duvet on top that’s adequate enough to either kick off or roll yourself up in. Voila, perfect floor bed. Oh, p.s. if you’re over 50, have everything at arms reach – phone, light, water, back-scratcher – because getting up off the floor at this age is horrifying.

5- Right, back to it. I have piles to deal with….

Quote of the Week:

‘Allow the fires of transformation to burn away everything that doesn’t serve you.’

-Heather Ash Amara

How was YOUR week?

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