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Dragons and Bikini Tops – My Week in List Form

As usual my lovelies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

1- I’m writing about dragons, and seeing them everywhere. Is it me, or…?

2- I hate to be that British person who moans about the weather, but it’s been thirty degrees here. This means I’m up pre-dawn to get everything done that I need to do then find an excuse to spend as much time in an air-conditioned car as possible.

3- That said, I’m trying to rekindle my old ‘beach bum’. The beach bum from decades ago who’d wear a bathing suit under her work uniform and go swim in the sea during her lunch hour. The beach bum who’d sit in the sun ALL day selling icecreams from a poolside booth while reading Stephen King’s ‘Shrine’. The beach bum who’d walk home from the pub at midnight, via a narrow sea wall. She’s coming back, despite the thirty five year gap.

4- Written another couple thousand words this week on the Dragon Hatcher series. I feel like I keep saying that. I looked forward to being able to say ‘..finished the…” but it’s not a race. You’ll just have to get used to hearing that from me every week!

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5- Right, back to the dragons. Happy Friday, everyone. Tell me the best thing you learned this week!

Quote of the Week:

‘The best achievement in life is doing something you think you can’t do’


How was YOUR week?

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