My Week in List Form - A New Way to Journal - by Samantha Dee
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My Week in List Form – A New Way to Journal

My fifth publication for 2021 is a journaling workbook called ‘My Week in List Form’ and I’m super proud to say it’s available on Amazon now. 



Here’s the skinny:

My Week in List Form – A New Way to Journal.

If you love journaling and lead a full and busy life then this is the journal for you.

Practice journaling in a brand new way – summarise your week in a list form to practice reflection, humour, gratitude, closure  and forward-thinking.

Contains examples for you to see and develop your own style.

A 52-week journal.

Samantha has spent several hundred hours researching the way her brain behaves in relation to wellness. On this journey she learned how to recognise and manage stress and studied several scientific papers relating to the effectiveness of visualisation practice (imagining a future outcome). She runs a little tech company, teaches at Udemy, maintains a blog and is having a blast writing her first fiction series in the Urban Fantasy genre. She recently sold  her house and entire life to live by the sea and write books (as a result of one of her own courses!).

Samantha has been awarded qualifications in:

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

• Skilled Helping and Talk Therapy

• Neuro Linguistic Programming

• Anxiety & Depression Therapy

and is a Master Mindfulness Practitioner.

To read her own five-year ‘My Week in List Form’ journal, visit

For more about Samantha:

Author, Writer, Editor, Coach, Mother of Cats.

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