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My Drawers Need a Good Seeing-to…De-cluttering

De-cluttering… eugh

This time of year fills me with  a sudden desire to get angry at my drawers and start de-cluttering. I also get angry at Mary-fucking-Poppins and the standards she so nonchalantly chucked out there in 1964.

My drawers need a good

I try and be “together” and organised but in reality, I get up at 5.30, feed my cats, put some slap on and go to WORK. When I get home I don’t slip into domestic bliss. I’m too tired. Last night I stirred my chamomile tea with a lip-gloss. No de-cluttering on the cards there.

But, this morning after unrolling myself from a super-king-size ‘It’s the weekend’ caterpillar, I had a few leisurely coffees (amusingly this Limited Edition Coffee was called HueHueTenango from Guatemala) and did some ‘stuff’. Cut grass, cleared small corpse-cat-gifts from my patio, and drank some more weeweetingaga.

Then I attacked my drawers. So the ‘my week in list form’ consists of the sum of my de-cluttering – what I chucked out in the last ten minutes.

  • 8 pairs of black leggings (I kept two)
  • Four belts (I haven’t worn a belt since 1982)
  • A red scarf/glove/beanie set (I have red hair so really, this never gonna happen)
  • Several scarves
  • Five cardigans (last worn 1998, probably)
  • Several teeshirts from multi-packs where the third shade was ‘light wtf blergh’.
  • Three pairs of pyjamas last worn 2003 (I know because I lived in hotels around then)
  • Several flowery, printy blouses and whatnot from my ‘trying to be a girly girl’ phase (2010)
  • A fricken bikini (1992 was the only and last time I wore one of those)

What I kept was pretty impressive and jolly sensible. My challenge later will be to bag the stuff up without giving anything a 48576th chance.

‘Oh…maybe I will wear that…’

What’s in YOUR Drawers?

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Samantha Dee is the Author of ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ and ‘The Thirty Day Wellness Journal’. Her next book, ‘My Big Fat…Kitchen’ is due out soon.

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    positive review  Samantha Dee did an amazing job at helping me to figure out where I want to go. She’s kind, supportive, and an amazing listener. Thank you for the great service.

    Carissa Hodson Avatar Carissa Hodson
    14th December 2018

    positive review  Thank you very much Samantha for your great listening and for being so open and supportive! We created a few actions to break through a certain issue, it was fun and enlightening. Great job, I'm sure you will make a difference to many more people.

    Kathrin Brand Avatar Kathrin Brand
    14th November 2018


  • Michael Seidel

    Have gone through this battle. Went through the shoes. Oh, I like those shoes so much; yes, but the soles are worn through, so, out, out, damn shoes.

    Yesterday was sock day. Chucked sixteen pairs of athletic socks that are so warped out of shape, calling them socks was an injustice to footwear. They hadn’t been worn in years because I’ve bought new socks! So why was I keeping them? Gone, I say, gone.

    There are so boxers who need to be dismissed, as well. Stuff that I wear and notice, hey, I can see right through those, because they’re so worn, they’re like see-through lingerie.


    • SamanthaDee

      Oh my! I have a suitcase of shoes (somewhere…hmmm) that I bought and NEVER wore! Last week I look in the trunk of my car and there was a coat in there that had been there so long it was moldy. Gosh, the shame! 😀
      And hello Michael, lovely to meet you.

  • Hélène (Willow Poetry)

    Holy molly, I have never kept so many things for that long. I think I am way to neat and de-clutter too often. Then I wonder where such and such went to. What’s the balance?

    • SamanthaDee

      You are SO lucky. Even when I have time it’s the last thing I want to do, I’d rather leave it in there.. Out of sight and all! 😀 p.s. Hello and lovely to meet you!

  • Tom Being Tom

    Ugh, this reminds me. As the weather changes to the extremes (as it does, twice every year) I must go through and wash (in this case) the summer clothing that was in retirement these last 6 months. And, since I’m about to enter what I call the “six months without pants” part of the year I need to decide which shorts have seen too many seasons and send them to the bag-that-shall-not-be-reopened. And this means going through the drawers. Didn’t I JUST do this in November?!

  • The Lockwood Echo

    I still wear a little black cardigan that I bought over 30 years ago! Nothing else quite hits the mark. It has one small repair. I’ve tried to replace it with ‘modern’ replicas, but all I’ve really done is added to a collection of 6 similar black cardis that I rarely wear 😉 A house move last year prompted a pretty decent de-junk of clothes. I tend to wear the exact same clothes for set situations, for years, until something dies. My street-cred/dignity not included in that 😉

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