Book One: ‘My Big Fat…Fat’

Samantha Dee's Book Cover 'My Big Fat...Fat' Small

My debut book, ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ is out now. The book explores how being overweight (with constant dieting) has affected me personally. It contains funny stories, tools, tips and advice to keep you company – whatever “diet” you’re on. One of the many points in the book is not to advocate any particular diet, but I think its message is that, armed with the right tools, education and preparation, we don’t need “diets”. 

Book 2: ‘My Big Fat…Kitchen’

My Big Fat...Kitchen.pngThe recently announced sequel to ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ has shoved the commuting down to book 3 🙂 It documents my transition to plant based eating (with recipes and total fuck-ups), discusses why the whole approach to ‘diet’ HAS to change and demonstrates that it’s totally okay to be a trainwreck in the kitchen.

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#MyBigFatKitchen will be out next year.

Book 3: ‘My Big Fat…Commute’

Cover: My Big Fat...Commute

Second book is currently in progress. A real life account describing four years of commuting (and slow descent into insanity). Comedy. Non-Fiction. ‘My Big Fat…Commute’ will be out in Kindle format with a paperback  hot on its tail!

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#MyBigFatCommute will be out next year.

Book 4: ‘My Big Fat…Secret’

Cover: My Big Fat...Secret

Documents four years working at a certain government agency.

non-fiction (and NOT comedy)

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