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My Week in List Form

Claws and Forgetfulness…

As usual my lovelies, in no particular order:

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1. For the second time in my life (notwithstanding school days), I’ve had  a haircut from HELL. Cried all the way home.

2. Rescued by my ‘now retired to be a mum’ hairdresser, whose house I drove to at breakneck speed, not long afterwards.

3. The Body Shops ‘Matcha mask’ is quite good.

4. The Body Shops ‘Vitamin E Sleeping Mask’ is the most amazing mask 20141019_100154 (1)E.V.E.R. Used it for ten years, pot keeps getting smaller. Price keeps going UP.

5.  I like face masks. I have a few.

6. Slept with my cat last night. Woke up with her on my head. Probably crying on my haircut from HELL

7. More reviews on my book are happening. They are all great.


8. I do a Live facebook video every day on my commute to work using my phone. I hit “go live” and then said, straight into the camera “oh my, I’ve left my phone in the house”

9. When one of my cats want attention and lovin, he gets his claws out. Not conducive, Dexter.

10. I wore three items to work this week that I had bought and never worn. They fit now. Woo!

How was your week?

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