Initial Consultation

45 minutes • £0

Typically, the coaching process starts with an introductory call – somewhat like a meet & greet. Grab yourself a coffee and lets have a chat.

In the initial consultation, you will be:

  • Introduced to the coaching approach
  • Supported in clarifying your current situation and what you want to achieve, and
  • Encouraged to take some specific actions to move you forward

And we will discuss:

  • Am I the right coach for you?
  • Are you the right client for me?
  • Your life, interests, influences, priorities, and circumstances
  • What brings you to this moment of asking for a coaching relationship?
  • What are you thinking, what you want and what you need.
  • The mindset that you are bringing with you – are you ready to change?

You will also get the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the coaching process should you wish to do more. This call takes place irrespective of which of the services you are interested in pursuing initially. 

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I have just had a wonderful break though session with Samantha regarding my eating and food challenges. I must say I had a bit of trepidation before the session, however within minutes Sam had put me at ease, gave me space to talk, understood me and where I was coming from. Sam has also given me a couple of things to work on which are not time consuming but I feel will make a difference to me. I now feel a weight has been lifted and a road block is slowly being removed so that I can progress further on my journey. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough, she rocks as a coach. 

Susan H.


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