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March 2


02:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Replacing ‘Me-Time’ with Permanent Self-Care


What do you think of when someone says “Me-Time” ?

You might think of a big fluffy blanket, and even fluffier hot chocolate, and curling up on the sofa with a great book (like ‘A Land Gone Lonesome’). You might think of finding a country pub and plonking down in a booth with your close friends to catch up on the latest news.

All these are wonderful, I concur. But they take planning and co-ordination to happen. Especially if you’ve stuffed the fluffy blanket so far back into your closet that it’s a legendary expedition just to find it. Also, they might give you ‘a breather’ – but does ‘me-time’ fix anything long-term?

Do you think that it might be better to practice Wellness every day, so you don’t suddenly ‘crash’?

In this inclusive and friendly discussion workshop we will talk about some basic forms of Wellness and how you can easily incorporate these into your life on a daily basis.

Suitable for complete beginners. Active and inclusive participation throughout.

Requires web cam and microphone. Uses ZOOM conferencing software (free to sign up)

You will learn:

  1. Welcome, Agenda & Introduction to Wellness (20 mins)
  2. Group Circle: Introductions (20 mins)
  3. Know Yourself: Self-Reflection (Breakout Group* Discussion & Post-Workshop Online Workbook) (30 mins)
  4. Know Yourself: Your Core Values (Group Discussion & Post-Workshop Online Workbook) (30 mins)
  5. Heal Yourself: Positive Affirmations (Breakout Discussion & Downloadable Resource Sheet) (30 mins)
  6. Heal Yourself: Sleep Hygiene (Breakout Group Discussion & Downloadable Resource Sheet) (30 mins)
  7. Grow Yourself: Find Your Passion (Breakout Group Discussion & Post-Workshop Online Workbook) (30 mins)
  8. Grow Yourself: Challenging your Comfort Zone (Breakout Group Discussion & Downloadable Resource Sheet) (30 mins)
  9. Group Circle and Close: What have you learned? What will you take away and action? (20 mins)

** – Breakout Groups are private groups or two or three where you can discuss what the subject means to you, and exchange ideas.

After the Workshop You will Receive:

1. A free copy of the Thirty Day Wellness Journal

2. Access to our Workshop support group with 24/7 support from Certified Multi-Disciplinary Practitioners and Specialists from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (Achology)

3. Discounted One-to-One Coaching Packages using exclusive CODE (6, 12, or 18 sessions)

4. Access to Online Workbooks covered in the workshop (which you can complete as many times as you like)

5. A thank-you email with a brief summary and review links.

6. A select few email notifications of up-coming workshops, offers or announcements (never more than two a month)

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