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Image of Jules Troughton: Divorce and Separation Specialist in the UK. Join her Facebook Group 'Til Divorce Do Us Part'
Jules Troughton

Hello . My name is Jules Troughton and I’m a divorce and separation specialist.

I have been divorced twice myself and have assisted countless friends (and strangers !) through the “rabbit in the headlights” times of a separation.

I am a firm believer that from the moment you are faced with the harsh reality that your relationship is ending, you go into a period of extreme shock.

During this period, the person leaving the relationship is usually “ready to go” – and expects you to make decisions about the future. It is THE most emotional and confusing of times. Above all else, most people who find themselves in this position are not expecting it, so you are also in a state of total heartbreak.

During this stage of the separation, I can help. When I went through this myself. I felt guilty for talking about it all the time to friends and family, and I was also inundated with “advice”. I can be the single sounding block, and guide you through what is nothing short of a quagmire. You are trying to maintain your normal life whilst falling apart emotionally, yet are expected to make major decisions.

I wish I had had some like me to run things past. To get my house in order, so to speak, before enlisting the professional services of a solicitor.

It is a scary time for even the most strong and independent of women, so having someone who can listen, advise, point you in the direction, hold your hand, and help you through this time is something I think we all need.

If you think I could help you please contact me and we can go from there.

Remember: no matter how bad things get there is always a way. Sometimes you just need someone to help you see that.

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