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My Big Fat Blog: Salsa and Poodles – My Week in List Form

My Big Fat Blog: As usual my luvlies, here’s how my week went, in no particular order:

Author Blog: Poodles

1. Right! Up and at ’em! Posts to write, articles to read, study to d- ooh, ‘How to Groom Poodles‘ – let me just watch that. 

2. The BBC launched a new service the other day, for British people who talk about the weather (well, all of us really, it’s in our DNA). It’s called ‘Lets find some adjectives that really obscure and misdirect the weather’. This week it was ‘variable cloud,’ lets think about that for a second.

3. This last six months has been full of announcements. (Honestly, if I had a pound for every announcement, then I probably wouldn’t be making announcements about making announcements). So I’ve been invited to service on the board of a US Company, DiscoverYourPathU – a learning and teaching platform for everything from Pragmatic Coaching Techniques to the Esoteric. ‘Every Life can Teach and Everyone can Grow’ and it’s been jolly fun thus far.

4. The UK is having a ‘mini heatwave’ over the next couple of days (aka, ‘our Summer’) so I’ve gone all girly and bought some knockout-scented things to plat outside my door. It’s the next best thing to having a gingerbread house. Or a shoe. Phase two: actually plant them.

5. Almost completely spontaneously drove down to my friends house the other day to sit around, eat, drink and ‘shoot the shit’. We last saw each other at a funeral, and you know, every year we vow to see each other more often and ‘Bam’ April’s almost over. Gods, where does the time go!

6. During said visit, Jules planted a Hinch seed in me. Hinching, it’s all the rage apparently. As she hit play on the YouTube video, I was my usual cynical self, ‘This woman needs to get out more’, next I’m looking at this woman ‘snowing’ her stair carpet and thinking ‘OOOOh that’s a good idea!’. Damn you subconscious, damn you.

7. My plant-based diet is serving me very well, I must get some more recipes sorted. Been so so busy with DYPU lately I’ve been remiss with my ‘trainwreck’ videos. 

8. I’m into SALSA at the moment. Not the dance thing (‘oh the imagery’) – the tomato thing. Weaning myself off ‘mayo’ is the next thing. Vegan mayo is too terrifying, I’m scared to try it. After I tried vegan cheese (imagine chewing on an elastic band, salted.)

9. My two cats are so excited about spring. They demonstrate this by going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in, going out, coming back in….

Quote of the week:

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

How was YOUR week?

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