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My Book is Out and There’s Gonna be Trouble

Hey Now! Hey Nowwww! My Book is out!

Is that stuck in your head yet? Hope so!

You know, I never thought that such adversity in my life would produce this. I’ve always ‘dabbled’ and ‘faffed about’ with writing but never in my past would I have imagined I’ve accomplished (read: FINISHED) this.

haters-gonna-hate.gifI’m fucking happy. Nine months ago that wasn’t the case. Nine months ago I was sitting alone in my house, staring at the Samaritans phone number and just very stoically and un-dramatically considering it might be better if I just ‘stopped breathing’. I was raised stoic, you know.

However after imagining how pissed off my family would be (my Sister would be apoplectic), I swept that idea away.

At that time I didn’t know I’d have another full-time job that I liked. I didn’t imagine I’d have those fucking awesome orange shoes, and I didn’t imagine that I’d finish a book I’d been arsing about with since 2012.

All those things I’ve done. And now I’m damn well going to shout about it. I like me, I like my life.

I’m now getting on with my second book, and have a third, fourth and fifth bubbling up inside me.

So, ya know, buy my book, don’t buy my book. But I’m here to stay. My book is out and there’s gonna be trouble, hey naaaaaaa hey naaaaa my book is out!

Love ya’s


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‘My Big Fat…Fat’ is available from Amazon.
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