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My Week in List Form

Splatter and Raspberries

As usual my luvlies, in no particular order:

1. Ridiculous tune stuck in my head #3657 The beats to ‘the conga’.

‘Dada da da da da-DA” (with hip shakes please, thanks).

You’re welcome.

2. I have another pot of hair dye on the horizon. This time I’m going to prepare. Like Dexter.

3. We’ve had tee-shirt weather here, in February. Which is generally a sign that we’re going to get the shittiest March and April on record. British people eh? we’re NINJA’s when it comes to talking about the weather.

4. It’s now nineteen days until the first day of spring. It is my intention to finish spring cleaning. For me, this means putting things in bags and boxes to give away or chuck, and then studiously moving those boxes from room to room. For a week. #LifeGoals

5. This week I spent an hour looking for something that was literally right in front of my face. I was re-tracing my steps and everything. It’s like finding your spectacles are on top of your head. I think I have brain-pixies. They’re like sock-fairies. On crack.

6. Again no ‘mask of the week’ this week. My face has gone completely ‘do-lally’ and I now have an allergic-reaction-rash-face and I can’t figure out what I’m doing/eating/drinking to cause it. Perhaps I should book one of those chemical-peels and have it melted off so I can start over. Faces eh? what are they good for?

7. This week I made a vegan raspberry-apple crumble. I used a recipe that serves 12, in a pie tin that serves four. That’s right, I made a crumble mountain. Turned out quite tasty though!

8. So, I didn’t get that job I went for that was ten minutes walk away from my house. The thing about mindfulness is that it means that I believe there are better days ahead. We just have to keep going.

9. So here’s a question. This is a question my Dad asks me every time he visits for a cuppa, and I can’t ever give him a satisfactory answer. Please find one for me. Please find one for me before I pull my own eyeballs out: Why does water not fall off the planet? (Guys, I’ve tried “because gravity” and he ain’t havin’ none of it)

10. Grasshopper quote of the week:

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.”

-Jules Renard

How was YOUR week?

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