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My Week in List Form

T-Minus Three…

As usual my luvlies, in no particular order:

1. That’s right folks, three more days of sitting in front the fire, hugging the cat. Back to work Monday – eek! 

2. On the one day this year that I’ve been asked to go somewhere with someone to do something important, I manage to oversleep. I wake to said person screaming through letterbox. It was a carry-on day.

3. In my vision to become a multi-disciplinary therapist, I am about to become qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Go me! Again!

4. Did I mention that I’m awesome at making pancakes now? Well, yes! Learn something new every day, I always say!

5. Discussion of the week is the age-old Anglo-American ‘zed’ or ‘zee’. It’s ZED, okay?

6. Mask of the week is back! Yayy! This week I tried a gold-foil Gold foil sheet maskself heating mask that arrived in my Birchbox. It didn’t heat very well and the packet was full of the gloop that was supposed to be in the mask. No ‘wow’ factor at all really. However. It did make me look rarrrrther fetching if I dare say so myself. 

7. Went into a drugstore to buy a lip-balm the other day. Came out £50 lighter. Errr, win?

8. My friends. If you’re not on my Facebook, you probably haven’e seen these. Cuteness level: planetary.

9. You’re welcome.


10. Quote of the week:

“Rule your mind, or it will rule you.” – Buddha

How was YOUR week?

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