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New Book by Samantha Dee: My Big Fat Kitchen is Available for Pre Order!

Another new book by Samantha Dee! – there’s no stopping you is there? What’s the reason for this one?

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Well several reasons, actually. My first book was all about the feels. After writing it I thought ‘Oh wait, I can’t actually cook’… and the practicalities of eating healthy kind of hit me, so My Big Fat Kitchen was born. (it’s available for pre order, you know)

I’ve spent twenty years eating or micro-waving out of packets. I don’t have a half a million quid kitchen with every single conceivable piece of equipment and ingredients that include oats rolled from vestal virgins in the outer Mongolian alps. It’s just not real life. We don’t have gardens like Barefoot Contessa, either. Or have her time.

When we look at recipes that come from these people, we’re so much more likely to say ‘Oh sod it, I’m ordering in’

Wait, are you telling me that you can’t cook? What the-?

Well, I can now, obviously! Prior to this I’ve never really made a meal from scratch. It’s always been pre-prepared or something I can chuck together, or order in. And actually, after giving it much thought, I’m shit-scared of kitchens. I get really anxious about ‘recipes’, especially ones that say ‘a splash of’ or ‘medium heat’ – I mean, what the hell is that?

So your new book is about plant based recipes? Why?

Honestly? Several reasons. The horse-meat scandal, eating corned beef and finding an animal tooth in it; Finally, I was eating a quiche and bit down on a huge chunk of pig fat. That was the last straw for Samantha Dee. I had eaten very little meat up to that point and was pretty fussy about it. After that gag-moment I consciously stopped buying meat. When that happened, I started thinking about what I could make. Bowls of oranges and cheese on toast just wasn’t going to cut it.

Then some friends of mine introduced me to plant based recipes, and the concept of transition.

I think veganism has a bad rep. A community of tree-hugging hippies sitting on gluten free beanbags and judging everyone else for wearing leather or eating anything that’s not green. I did mention it’s available for pre order, right?


Yes guvnor. No one wakes up in the morning and says ‘Right, plant based recipes from now on, I’m only eating wheat grass and eucalyptus leaves for the rest of my life.’ – this is why diets fail, habits fail, new years resolutions fail.

My Big Fat Kitchen is about my transition to plant based eating. This means ‘a move towards’ – so some of the plant based recipes might actually be vegetarian. At the moment I still eat cheese – mostly because vegan cheese tastes like chewing salted rubber. Vegan mayo though, is a fricken triumph! I still eat fish occasionally – and I refuse to be judged about that. And I’m not going to tip up at a friends house and demand plant-based recipes. That’s just everyone’s nightmare.

Transition is all about preparing for change. Making a plan. I’ve written an article about transition here if you’d like to know more.

There’s no point in buying into a concept if you’re not confident and full of joy about what you’re making, and living on. So go gently, go giggly, make food with laughter and joy. I know I’ve gone all hippie – but if you can’t enjoy what you’re preparing, well, y’aint going to make it again are you?

Was ‘My Big Fat Kitchen’ easy or difficult to write?

It was pretty difficult. To get over my lack of confidence in the kitchen, to find things I enjoy eating. Changing my habits. All those things take work. However, the same friends who introduced me to plant based recipes encouraged me to make video accounts of my journey. And people found them hilarious. So you know, that encouraged me to keep at it.

Its available for pre order right? When’s it out?

How did you know that? Click on the cover above. Or click here. It’s out November 29th.

So Samantha Dee, are we going to see more new books? What are you working on now?

You mean how do I follow a book about plant based recipes? The next new book is one about commuting. I know, abstract, right? After that it gets a bit darker, with My Big Fat Secret.

Both will also be available for pre order in 2020 – the order in which these books get out there is decided using the intellect of The Count from Sesame Street.

I may eventually foray into fiction. You’ll have to follow ‘My Big Fat Blog’ for announcements on that front. I post every Friday.

Other than that, I meditate regularly, am a full time cat servant, a complete geek and I work on finding spectacular coffee and cheap plant based recipes.

I really truly hope you love My Big Fat Kitchen, Love ya! Samantha Dee.

Samantha Dee

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