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No Fat Chicks


An Open Letter to the Driver:

I’ve stared long and hard at this picture wondering what I want to say about it. I have to admit, when I looked up and saw this while I was idling in traffic, I did one of those cartoon double-takes. And then snapped a picture, before the traffic light turned green.

I have a massive, humungous sense of humor, let me just say that. Ask anyone. Laughing is what I LOVE doing, even laughing at myself. But my laughter has to be at NO ONE else’s expense.

Now I acknowledge that this array of FAT stickers could mean any of two things:

  1. That you, the driver, is FAT and making fun of yourself.
  2. That you, the driver, doesn’t like FAT people very much.

(I assume you’re a guy, because on right hand side just out of shot was a sticker playing on the “One life, Live it” saying – “One Wife, Leave it”)

If it’s the first, then yes, okay fine. My book, after all, is about finding things to laugh about while being fat and just be okay with it. But, if it was this, I don’t know, just feels like the wrong “platform” to make fun of yourself, bud.

If it was second, wow, what did a fat chick ever do to you? It’s not like we break into houses to steal donuts.

“Honey! those fat chicks broke in and stole the cakes again!”

If this was a sticker about [some other inflammatory subject], can you imagine what might happen to? You’d be lynched!

You’re kind of showcasing the common belief that being overweight is self-inflicted and therefore deserves no protection or kindness (that’s just downright ignorant). There are many causes in fact. A reaction to medication, a neurological disorder, genetics. Most of the time it is that we eat too much. But you should never assume we’re all fat-lazy-lard-eaters. And anyway,

‘What the diddly-fuck has THAT got to do with YOU?’


Well I’ll tell you, mate. NOTHING. Dick-squat, nada, zero. I conclude, therefore, that your intention, by placing these, is to offend.

On the subject of “offending” – everyone is entitled to their views and opinions. YOU are entitled to “offend” – there’s nothing wrong or illegal about offending someone. That all goes towards rational, open debate – which is healthy and might even changes someones view.

But, when you put these views on a bumper sticker and do not give anyone else the opportunity to defend themselves, then that says to me that you’re just leaving exhaust fumes and offended fat women in your wake. Which makes you a bit of a turd.

I won’t spend any more time on this, because you know what, I’m over it.

Much love,

A Fat Bird, that you have NEVER met.


Author of 'My Big Fat...Fat' out now on Amazon


  • Christopher Lindsay

    “Fat people are hard to kidnap” is politically incorrect, but funny to me, if I had been in traffic.

    I like what you say about having the right to offend people. Free speech, however, is constantly under threat. Speech that offends people is often labelled as hate speech.

    • SamanthaDee

      True. It’s only hate speech if it directs a particular cause of action by someone against another, I think? Like if the sticker was followed by “Lets drive them fat chics off a cliff” – is hate speech.

      • SamanthaDee

        I’ve read it.

        One of the points I make in my book is that, in the context of science, as a species, we are NOT built to be obese.

        BUT if for whatever reason they have made themselves that way, by the time someone gets to that point they have a million and one other things going on, not least loneliness, poor self esteem, clinical depression, joint problems, skin problems and yes, heart problems.

        I doubt I’d appreciate a stranger coming up to me and saying “you do realise you’re fat because you eat that” and that’s probably the reason he didn’t appreciate it. Perhaps he doesn’t know how to cook, beyond chucking a pixxa in the oven? Perhaps he’s on some medication. None of these are excuses, granted, but if you had considered all those things before you walked up to him, you might have reconsidered your words.

        I also discuss in my book that Doctors are, in this country, *somewhat*, irresponsible when it comes to obesity. That’s not me saying it’s all their fault, but it’s me saying that they don’t put that conversation on the table with their patients. In the meantime, I don’t think it would hurt for strangers to be kinder to strangers in this regard.

        In the meantime on the subject of processed foods, I highly recommend watching

        I’d be interested to know whether this changes your view about processed foods at all?

        It’s a very interesting subject, for sure. I’d like to know more about your opinion. Thanks for your post.

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