"...In any case, menopause has changed me to the point that if Gerard Butler showed up at my door, naked and in the rain, I’d slam the door in his face. Okay, maybe I’d get a towel...." #diet #weightloss #MyBigFatFat

"...By the time I’ve razor’d, loofa’d, waxed, plucked, polished, masked, and pumiced myself to within an inch of my life, I’m exhausted, aching, and have lost all enthusiasm for going out in the first place. ...."   'My Big Fat...Fat' will be released in February 2018. #diet #weightloss #MyBigFatFat

"...Although, I flat out laughed in his face when he asked me to take a shower with him. “Mike,” I said, “I’m five feet tall, don’t be ridiculous.” He laughed. “So? It’ll be fun.” Oh, the imagery...." #diet #weightloss #MyBigFatFat

Four Tricks My Anxiety-Prone Brain Plays on Me | Psychology Today

I REALLY like this article from Psychology.com, very relatable: Solutions for anxiety-related thinking patterns. Source: Four Tricks My Anxiety-Prone Brain Plays on Me | Psychology Today Samantha Dee's 'My Big Fat...Fat' is out now on Amazon #diet #weightloss #self-help #bodyconfidence #mybigfatfat  

Don’t forget, luv,

Don't forget, luvlies, my book launch competition is still open. Win this lovely bundle of stuff! Winners to be announced on 15th Feb in a Live broadcast on my Facebook page. #win #competition #skincare #beauty #lifestyle #wellness Click to enter:

"...I’ll try one on and it fits nicely, I’ll try on another and it’s too tight in the arms. You could wear it, but you wouldn’t be able to hug your boyfriend without doing a ‘David Banner’. I’m reading the first line of this section, and thinking to myself ‘Girl, you really need to get laid’...." 'My Big Fat...Fat' will be released in February 2018. #diet #weightloss #MyBigFatFat

5 Best Ways To Lose Weight When You Weigh Over 200 Pounds – Vicky Is Now Fit

If you’re reading this, then it is safe to say that you’ve probably have failed at many attempts to lose weight—and you’re feeling pretty frustrated. It is true: knowing how to lose weight if you’re starting from over 200 pounds is tough to learn—but I promise you this—weight loss success is not quite the mystery... Continue Reading →

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