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Stop PANIC-Dieting! It does not work!

Stop. Take a breath. Breathe.

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Just Breathe.

Panic Dieting

I’ve just been reading through the insanity that is the pre-Christmas panic weight loss. Panic Dieting.

I’ve lost 36 lbs since May, you know how I did that?

I just stopped. I just took a breath. I just breathed. By that I mean, I stopped obsessing over food and calories and diets (which are these things we embark upon, and then…’finish’) and just listened to what my body was telling me. I’ve since learned this is called ‘Intuitive Eating’.

I took as much time as I needed, to decide whether I was hungry or thirsty, and to make a kind, thoughtful choice. It didn’t happen every day by any stretch of the imagination, but I didn’t obsess over that either (and believe me when I tell you that my inner voice was vicious when it came to over-eating). I just continued moving forward. I didn’t turn into a monk, eating half a lettuce leaf. I just stopped the spiraling thoughts about food, dieting and weight loss.


I just let the thoughts go by, I don’t take them on a dinner-date.

Calm, Calm

Calm down. It’s Christmas. Look forward to being with your family and friends. Look forward to the silly hats and crap Christmas telly.

If you absolutely HAVE to, calculate your BMR, multiply it by 1.2 and eat up to that to NOT gain weight this Christmas. Simples. End of.

We really need to be kinder and more thoughtful to ourselves at this time of year.

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