‘My Big Fat Commute’ by Samantha Dee


‘My Big Fat Commute: A Funny Book about Commuting’ by Samantha Dee

Coming Soon.


Journalling a gradual descent into insanity during five years of commuting with all the weird characters and experiences had along the way:

Like ‘Pole-Dancing Pete’

About Samantha:

Samantha Dee is the Author of ‘My Big Fat Fat’ and ‘The Thirty Day Wellness Journal’. Her next book, ‘My Big Fat Kitchen’ is due out soon.

Picture of Samantha Dee

When not writing books and blogging in her comedy lifestyle blog, Samantha uses her twenty year tech career at DiscoverYourPathU where she is Chief Technical Officer and Instructor. She has written several online courses for business startups.

Finally, Samantha is a well liked Life Coach, specializing in self-esteem and body image with qualifications in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Skilled Helping. She speaks on several panels in this regard all around the internet.

She lives in Hampshire with her two cats and is still waiting for Gerard Butler to call.

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