Online Course: Coaches Who Get Clients


Coaches Who Get Clients, an online Business Course for Life Coaches by Samantha Dee

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  • Are you a Life Coach who would like to offer a community learning or coaching program and not sure where to start?
  • No idea how to do all the matchy-matchy flashy graphics?
  • Does the phrase ‘sales funnel’ feel a bit sleazy to you?
  • Are you unsure how to get people in front of your offerings?
  • Clueless about the ‘techie stuff’?
  • Why does life coach training not prepare you for all this?

An Online Course for Life Coaches

It has NEVER been enough to offer your services from a website or Facebook and wait for the droves of clients to come find you. It will NOT happen. Nor will it happen if you use a recurring post app to post snazzy ‘Hey look at this’ graphics as an alternative to presenting yourself. If you’re currently doing this, use this online course to re-evaluate where you’re at right now. And start again.A service business, like Coaching of any kind must represent a PERSON. This online course focuses on the fact that Clients are paying for YOU, your knowledge, your authenticity and your services.This online course for Life Coaches will take you from concept to a working Branded program that your potential clients will enjoy – and  not feel like they are being herded into a ‘buy this!’ funnel  (would YOU like that?)

What this Online Course will Show You

I will show you how to take your idea from a scribble on a sticky note to getting your offering in front of THE RIGHT people – AND NONE of it involves sleazy back-door sales or hard sells.I will show you that primarily using video to showcase YOU, your knowledge, your authenticity and your services – WORKS.Basically, if you’ve got something you’re passionate about, this life coach training will teach you how to put yourself into the shoes of your potential client and design your program around that. If you make it clear with honesty and passion (from the get go) that this is a purchasable item so that:
  • You know that the audience that sticks around isn’t going to be surprised or soured by any kind of sell.
  • You know that your audience more likely to buy

You Will Learn

  • How to design your Signature Branded Coaching Program from Idea to Your First Client
  • How to write  a Business Plan for your Life Coaching Program
  • How to Research your Facts
  • How to Create your Ideal Client Profiles
  • How to Brand Your Life Coaching Program
  • How to design your Marketing Strategy and client ‘On-Boarding’
  • How to make a Social Media Channel Plan
  • How to create and use Videos as your Primary Marketing Content (and get Confident doing it)
  • How to Automate and Schedule Tasks so that you can spend more time coaching, less time selling
  • How to Measure Success at Every Stage
  • How to Convert Past Clients into Program Ambassadors
For this online course you should be moderately competent with the basic concepts of live and pre-recorded video, websites, social media, branding, SEO, graphics creation and mailing lists.There are many business marketing strategy courses out there – this one comes from personal experience – starting out from scratch and learning it the hard way. The tools and products I recommend are those I find useful, you are of course free to use ones that you are most comfortable with – providing you’ve done the research. Otherwise you’re blowing a trumpet in the desert, darling – no one will hear you.
Coaches Who Get Clients | An Online Course | for Life Coaches | Online Course | Life Coaching
Finally, this is hard hard work. I’m not going to kid you on that. But if you commit to build a solid, authentic and repeatable foundation, what flows from it will be something that expresses your passion – and that will mean getting in front of, talking to, and converting a real client.I want you to succeed as a Life Coach.See you on the inside!Sammy Dee