Online Course: Tech School 201 – Online Business with Samantha Dee


Tech School 201 – Online Business – for COMPLETE Beginners. Course 02 in a multi-part series.


Samantha Dee | Tech Services | Web Site Services | Tech Support

  • Do you have an idea for an online business ?
  • Do you run for the hills at the thought of creating a web site ?
  • Have you tried to create a website but given up because you couldn’t get past something ?
  • Do you despise tech with every fiber of your being ?

Well come on in, gorgeous.

This is a course for beginners which follows on from Tech-101 and introduces you to WordPress and building your business web site – to continue building up your experience and confidence with online business tech.

This online course covers WordPress basics:

  • Building your WordPress elements (Pages, Posts, Editing, Removing, Cloning)
  • An introduction to themes
  • An introduction to the Media Library
  • Creating your own brand and graphics
  • Use of Stock Images and Copyright
  • Integrating social media
  • Scheduled Posting
  • Widgets and Menus

What makes this course different is that I hope to bring with it my personal experience – I’ve been through pitfalls and bugs and can therefore offer that perspective that will hopefully prevent you from throwing your arms up and giving up – which we’ve all done!

As always, I hope to make it fun and approachable for you to learn this stuff at your own pace. This knowledge should be available to all, not just a select few!

Much love,

Sammy Dee

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