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And thankyou for registering! This challenge introduces the idea of habit-stacking – stacking small more achievable changes every week and they can apply to any areas of your life. Head on over to the Challenge page on Facebook and get started – see you there!


On Monday, choose a ‘stacker’ you’d like to commit to for the week. Buddy up with those doing the same one!

Let us know how you’re doing. If you’re struggling, reach out for support and encouragement. 

Post your results and mark the stacker as “Done” – remember though this is a permanent change and you are stacking habits. Become a Mentor for this ‘stacker’ and help others make it permanent.

Pop in to my zoom room (free signup) and meet the community face-to-face. Share how your habit stacking is going, chit-chat, share and connect. Tell us which habit you’ll be stacking next week! We don’t bite! (‘ruff!’)

The short schedule above shows how the habit stacking challenge works – new ‘stackers’ will be added as we go along.

What makes this challenge different is that YOU decide what challenge you’re going to commit to every week. You can even design your own (and share it! others might benefit from it too!)

££ – I also offer a ‘next level’ workshop which teach you how to connect with yourself on a more profound level and to improve the areas that come to light from that. The first of these workshops is in March 2019.

£££ – At any time I am available for one-to-one tailored six-week program if this is something you’d prefer.