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Writer's Block Wednesday - Seshat, the Ancient Goddess of Writing.
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I have two books on the go. Depending on my mood and inspiration, I’ll do a couple thousand words on either one, daily. But as all writers and authors know, some days the fingers won’t type or the pen never makes contact. I tried to do some research on writers block a while ago and didn’t find an awful lot. So ya know, thought I’d write something on it. Any advice on writing is great, right?

Routine for Writers

Writers I’m sure have many different routines when it comes to writing. I recently read an article from a Professional Writer who gets in 10,000 words a day (‘Oh, the books I could write – drool’), but for many of us it’s not do-able.

If you’re in a routine that keeps you healthy and connected with the rest of the outside world, then keep doing that – it’s what keeps us writers human. My routine has me writing first thing in the morning, during which time I stop when I’ve completed about two thousand words. If I’m inspired I won’t stop until I’m either hungry or one of the cats give’s me the thousand-yard death stare.

Others might write when they get that lightning bolt at any time of the day. When I was writing my first book, I was commuting for three hours a day and would often note ideas and subjects on the note app on my phone. Sometimes I would laugh out loud to myself, and other passengers would shuffle away from me. Which worked for me – especially in the summer, when the trains notoriously had no air conditioning. I’d then spend an hour in the evening writing up my notes.

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Need help sticking to a routine with writing? Google Keep is a fairly good thing. I plan my entire day using it, and you can add recurring items as well as the daydreams and tasks that grip you while writing. ‘Must find passport for vacation’ or ‘What was the name of that thing…’ and ‘If I had a dog I’d name him Chester’. I can write them down and continue writing.

I think we all know when a routine works for us. If you have one, the people around you tend to know it, and your day is synchronized to it. It flows, and feels right. We continue to look forward to our writing time.

Some days, of course, we’ll sit down at our allotted time, and nothing happens. What I’ve learned is to just draw a line, and look forward to tomorrow’s writing slot.

Next week – Does the Pomodoro Technique Actually Help?

If you wake up and all you can think about is writing, then you’re a writer.

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