Coffee and a Chat

Video Call. 90 mins. (Free of Charge). Grab yourself a coffee and lets have a chat: Am I the right coach for you? Are you the right client for me? We may explore: what are you thinking, what you want and what you need. We will explore your life, interests, influences, priorities, and circumstances – what brings you to this moment of asking for a coaching relationship? And finally – we may delve into the mindset that you are bringing with you – are you ready to change?

This Always Comes First

My free service: "A Coffee and Chat" enables us both to make an informed decision about working together. Always book this before any other service. 90 minute video call, using "Zoom" app.

Coffee & Chat

Dream it, Plan it, Do it

Video Call. 4 x 1hr sessions. Poa. ‘Nothing will change unless you DO something different.’ Are you constantly disappointed or down and not sure why? Keep getting turned down for promotion? Can’t seem to get around to that thing you’ve always wanted to do? Get it done love, let me help you step out of that comfort zone and not look back.

Planning Sounds Easy, Right?

Well, yeah, if you don't want results. Make sure your goal is achievable. Book my free service: "A Coffee and Chat" and we can find out whether this is the answer for you. Four 60 minute video calls, using "Zoom" app.

Dream it Plan it DO it

Return to Base

Video Call. 4 x 30min sessions. Poa. Dealing with racing thoughts.  Meditation is not about ‘clearing or emptying the mind’ – it’s about being okay with racing thoughts, stresses, negativity, pain and whatever else might be on your mind right now. It’s about recognizing these thoughts. It’s about watching these thoughts go by, like traffic. It’s about quieting the part of the brain that wants to initiate an unhealthy ‘fight or flight’ response to them. Think of it as a ‘thought-reboot’. Book regularly – Practice Makes Permanent!

Practice Makes Permanent

Book this as often as you like until you are confident that you can meditate daily without help. Book my free service "A Coffee and Chat" where I can guide you through five minutes of meditation to make sure you are ready for thirty! Four 30 minute video calls, using "Zoom" app.

Return to Base

Change the Record

Video Call. 120 mins. Affirmations have been scientifically proven to help you challenge your own limiting beliefs, in situations where you might think negatively of yourself. After the initial consultation (45 minutes), this workshop can help you identify the most effective affirmations, tailored just for you. I can then prepare an MP3 for you, which you can listen to every morning and say them out loud to strengthen a positive self-image.

Start with an Easy One

Before booking this service, try a simple affirmation daily. When you wake up in the morning, before you even move, say to yourself "I am okay; today's gonna be great" - after a week, book my "Coffee and Chat" to see how you went.

Change the Record
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‘Til Divorce Do Us Part

Phone, Email or Video. 60 mins. I’m so please to introduce this new service offered by my long-time friend, Jules, who has been through some really harrowing experiences in this regard and has come out the other end strong and radiant. Divorce and Separation are unfortunately a reality, and if you do find yourself in this situation it can be a lonely and heart-breaking time. Jules can help you through this both practically and emotionally. Book an initial chat which, of course, is free of charge and let Jules describe how she can help you. Read more about Jules here.

Take a Brave Step

Have a chat with Jules, she'll be there for you and have your back. (UK Only).

Chat with Jules

Get OUT of the Diet Hamster-Ball, Forever!

My ultimate coaching package. Based on a lifetime of experience! There is no weighing, no class, no food plans, just YOU. You learn:

  • that fat does NOT define YOU as a person
  • that YOU are the only you that will ever exist
  • that YOU already know what’s good for your body, YOU are the pilot
  • that food is a gift, not a punishment
  • weekly meditations, visualizations and affirmations tailored just for YOU
  • we can discover what truly makes you tick, and everything else that matters to YOU
  • Spend NO more time obsessing about how you look
 You will receive:
  • 3 months of weekly video calls from me with tailored Affirmations, Core Values (who you really are at your core), Visualizations, Goal-Setting, Meditation and Habit-Forming (that’s 12 hours, one-to-one!).
  • A 120 day importable calendar filled to the brim with daily information and help (an .ics file which will drop into your own calendar)
  • A copy of my book ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ which documents my own experiences, funny stories, tips, tools
  • A printable download of my “Thirty Day Wellness Journal” which you can re-print, or a free copy of the ready-made journal.
  • A free online core-values workbook (which you can complete in your own time)

After Your Review of my Services, you will leave with:

  • Free 3 x monthly video calls from me for ongoing support.
  • 50% discount for friends that you recommend
  • Lifetime Access to my “Wellness 1-0-1” community where you will meet your tribe and develop long and lasting friendships.
  • A free copy of my “Sixty Day Wellness Journal”
  • A free online core-values workbook (which you can complete in your own time)

Are you really Ready?

None of this will work unless you are truly ready to accept this help with an open mind, book my free service: "A Coffee and Chat" and we can find out whether this is the answer for you.

Coffee & Chat